The Cost Effectiveness of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

How Cost Effective are Rainwater Harvesting Systems?

Rainwater Harvesting Systems in UK

Many homes in the UK are now fitted with water meters and everyone will be familiar with water rates and bills. Those who wish to save money and who are conscious of the environment will find Rainwater Harvesting Systems an attractive consideration. A Rainwater Harvesting System can be used in most homes. The installation of a Harvesting System can range in complexity from simply using a down pipe to collect water from gutters into a water butt, to the installation of a more complex Rainwater Harvester. There is less water available in the UK than some may believe; the Environment Agency has released figures that suggest that 1,334 cubic metres of water per person per year is available and this is far less than figures for France, Italy and Spain. When this is considered in light of the amount of water that is used to water gardens, flush lavatories and clean cars, Rain Water Harvesting becomes a more attractive proposition.


How Rain Water Harvesting Works

A full Rainwater Harvesting System uses drainpipes to collect water from a roof and to direct it to a storage tank. The storage tank is usually buried in the garden to protect it from frost, but it can be located above ground. A pumped system can be used to send water from the tank to the home using a system of filters so that it can be used to, for example, flush a lavatory. The system must be kept separate from the main system, which will need to kick in when the harvester system tank is empty.

The Cost Effectiveness of Rain Water Harvesting

The cost effectiveness of any Rainwater Harvesting System will depend upon the size of the roof from which water can be harvested, and the amount of water a household uses. Common belief is that around half of a household’s water requirement can be met by using a harvesting system. The cost effectiveness of a system can be worked out roughly if a water metre is fitted as this will indicate use that can then be halved to offer a suggestive figure. Those with large gardens or keen gardeners who require a lot of water for gardening could see a saving of thousands of litres of water by using a Rainwater Harvester.


Rainwater Harvesting offers an opportunity to save money in the longer term and help the environment. How much money can be saved will depend upon how much water can be harvested, how much water is used, and how much the harvester system initially costs. Some systems may see an increase in electricity bills. To look at some Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the UK visit the Septic Tank Supplies website and then to the Rainwater Harvesting Systems page.