About Us

In a world that’s dealing with issues of global warming, mass species decline and environmental issues, it’s certainly not possible to stay aloof! Welcome to We Care Green- Your very own portal that’s dedicated to greener and sustainable living. If there is something good that can change the world, we are sure to cover it here. This platform is designed to stress on the needs of living a sustainable life, which is more of a necessity with the growing concerns around us.

We Care Green is a complete effort to inform and educate more people and bring the latest stories, news and other ideas, which will help the readers to find easy ways to lead a green life. We believe strongly in sustenance in line with nature, and everyone has the power and duty to contribute to the same. All posts on this amazing portal will help in making smaller changes, which will have a big say when taken a mass level! Knowledge is power, and we just empower you with the same!

If you have ideas and feedback to share, please do write back to us. We love to respond to user requests and have an exclusive team to cater to readers!