How To Be Eco Friendly With Your Hot Tub Or Spa

If you own a hot tub or spa you may think you need to use a variety of chemicals to maintain clean water. Keeping the water in good clean condition is a must but you don’t necessarily need to use products that are harsh on the skin or harmful to your family. In fact, there are a number of different products that do a great job without the potentially harmful side effects that are associated with some cleaners and sanitisers. We caught up with Aqua Spa Supplies to look at your options.

Take a look at Spa Marvel Water Treatment which is both easy to use and kind to the skin. It does not include any harsh chemicals but relies on more natural ingredients such as seaweed and lanolin to do its job. All you need to do is empty the whole bottle into your hot tub or spa and the effects will last up to three months. It will prevent scum lines forming around the edge of the tub, will help to maintain pH and alkalinity as well as eliminating foam. It is also odour free so you won’t need to take a shower when you climb out of the water.Image result for How To Be Eco Friendly With Your Hot Tub Or Spa

An alternative product to try would be Aquasafe Cleanser. Advertised as being “non toxic to any living creature” you can be sure it won’t harm your family. Once again you simply pour the product into your hot tub or spa and it will get to work cleaning away contaminants and residues in the spa’s fittings and plumbing.

So, what do you do if you live in an area of hard water? Well there is no need to use chemicals to eliminate the problem, simply fill up your hot tub or spa using the Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser to render the calcium harmless to the system. It will last up to two years and will prevent “gassy” water.