Anyone Can Enjoy A Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be enjoyed by virtually everyone and you don’t need masses of space to accommodate a hot tub of your own. In fact over the years as they have become much more popular, many people living in towns with perhaps only a back yard instead of a garden have been enjoying the experience as well. For anyone who already has decking in place, this will provide the ideal base on which to stand your new hot tub and with one or two additions you can create your very own personal oasis right there at your property. Just remember to leave enough room around your hot tub to access the internal components when necessary. We asked Vita Spa ( to share their top hot tub tips with us, which you’ll see below:

hot tub

Creatively Use Greenery

The creative use of small trees, shrubs or other potted plants will make a small area feel less hemmed in than a fence would so consider using these instead.If you already have a fence in place that you don’t want to remove, then plant a climbing shrub in front that will soften the effect and give a more spacious feel to the area.

Window Boxes Look Great

The rear external walls of your property may not be the best sight to look onto from your hot tub so place window boxes on your window sills and hanging baskets on either side of the door to create a colourful show. In winter you can replace the plants with varieties that will look good throughout the colder months of the year.

hot tub 1

Perfect Privacy

Of course you may not mind feeling hemmed in and feel that total privacy is more important than space. In that case you could install perhaps a bamboo screen or other rustic fencing to protect you from curious neighbours and unwanted onlookers.

So, just because space is tight doesn’t mean you can’t have your own hot tub. Just pick a model that is designed to fit a smaller garden or yard and enjoy the many hours of relaxation and pleasure it will give.