10 Reasons You Should Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are typical in areas with an expensive or unreliable power connection. Currently, even areas with reliable energy have embraced solar energy. However, there are several factors which you should consider before installing solar panels including your home’s design, energy requirements, and financial capability.

Here are ten reasons why every homeowner should consider installing solar panels;

Tax Incentives

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers a 30% tax credit to American citizens. Property owners can easily access it to switch to renewable energy sources. However, the credit will gradually reduce in the forthcoming years.

Modern Technology

Bence Electrical & Solar technology is highly reliable and durable. It offers long-term home energy solutions. Besides, it’s renewable unlike sources such as coal. Solar panels provide constant energy. Moreover, they have minimal maintenance requirements. Also, they have a considerably low installation cost.

Leak-proof Roofs

Hiring a certified contractor to install solar panels in your house is vital. They preserve the roof hence avoiding any leakages. Once you correctly fix the board is, it doesn’t damage your roof. Instead, it protects it against adverse atmospheric elements such as dust which can erode it.


Since 2008, there has been a significant drop in solar panel’s cost. To purchase a standard 5kw solar panel set up, you’ll have to part with $18,000. Most American states offer local credits, therefore, after incorporating them with the federal tax credit, a panel’s price could reduce to about $10,000.Besides, some programs provide excellent interest rates hence enabling you to pay in installments.


Solar radiation is a renewable form of energy. To use the panels, you don’t have to live in a sunny area with many bright days. During a relatively calm day with moderate sunshine, a solar panel’s photovoltaic cells convert the radiation into alternating current. 

Increased Property Value

Over the recent past, homes with functional solar panel systems are considered to have a higher value than those without them. Therefore, most real estate investors like including the panels in their home designs. Besides, they are an ideal substitute for electricity from local generation and distribution companies.

Environmental Conservation

Renewable energy is highly preferred compared to other forms of energy. It doesn’t emit harmful gases unlike the combustion of fossil fuels. Besides, the conversion of solar radiation to electricity if a safe process that doesn’t lead to waste production. 

Increasing Energy Demand

In most developed countries, there is a high demand for energy. Some are currently harnessing solar and wind power to meet their energy production targets. However, unlike most of the other sources, one doesn’t have to create solar energy. Instead, voltaic cells convert it to electricity for household or industrial use.

High Return on Investment

Due to net metering and tax credits, you can get returns on your investment within ten years. Solar panels have a long lifespan; therefore, installing the system will mainly increase your monthly savings by reducing your energy expenses. 

Low Maintenance

Firmly fixed panels rarely need frequent maintenance and repair. Washing a solar panel reduces its power generation capacity. Besides, you can damage it in the process. Due to their immobile nature, they have long durability. It mainly minimizes their maintenance costs.

Getting high quality solar panels ensures you continue enjoying nature given energy. Once you procure them, contract a genuine technician to install them at your house.