What Metal Items Are Eligible for Recycling?

Although many people are motivated to recycle to reduce trash in landfills by finding creative uses for items instead of throwing them away, others are more motivated by the money they can make by recycling scrap metal. Aluminium, steel, copper, and other metals can be taken to recycling centres and sold at the current market value. If you’re interested in recycling scrap metal, here is some information to get you started.

Types of Recyclable Metals

Most non-ferrous metals, which are metals that do not contain iron, can be sold as scrap in Australia. Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, brass, and precious metals such as silver and gold. Even though some steel contains iron, which makes it a ferrous metal, stainless steel and steel parts such as radiators can also be sold.

Recycle Metal Items

Typically, when you sell scrap metal, recyclers only want the metal, but you don’t necessarily have to take it out of air conditioners, cars, appliances, or other items in which it is found. However, as a general rule, they do not buy items like computers, laptops, or other electronics due to the time it takes to extract the metal and the toxins present in some components. Since metals are used for many purposes, these items can be sold at most scrap metal recyclers.


Most scrap metal recyclers will buy aluminium cans, wire, extrusion, litho sheets, wheels, window frames, and guttering.


You can usually sell copper wiring, cables, electric motors, export containers, Buzz Bar No. 1, and transformers.


Many recyclers put brass into two categories: honey brass and Ali brass. Most brass parts are recyclable and may include pipes, fittings, wiring, sinks, and pans.


If you have some non-ferrous metal items you want to get rid of, you should contact the nearest scrap metal recycler to find out if they will buy what you have.

Check Prices

Before you take your scrap metal to a recycling company, you can go online to check its value. Since metal is a commodity, the prices can fluctuate on a daily basis. Pricing is usually broken down into grams or kilos. Once you’ve checked the daily rate to get an idea of what scrap copper prices are, you can call recyclers to find out the prices they are offering.

The prices usually do not vary much among recyclers. They will usually be the same or within a penny or two of each other. If the market changes, then the prices may change accordingly. Unless you’re selling scrap metal on a regular basis, you may not care what the current market price is, so you can sell your metal items at any time.

Instead of throwing away metal parts, cans, or items you don’t want, make a little money back by selling them at a scrap metal recycling company. Depending on how much your items weigh, you may only make a few dollars. However, if the metal is in high demand, such as copper, you could make a good amount of money.