The Perfect Portable Solar Power System Setups for Your Garden, And Where to Put Them

Your garden gets plenty of sunshine; why not use the excess to power your tools? Try these portable solar power system setups to power up your garden!

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your garden to such a degree that plants grow in seconds as your garden tools work by themselves to prune flowers with factory-like efficiency? Well, that doesn’t exist yet.

However, we do have a nice alternative, and it’s the portable solar power system for your garden. But what system should you use, and where do you put them in your garden for maximum power?

Well, we’ve got that covered too. So sit back and relax as we delve into the perfect solar-powered systems for your garden and where to set them up!

The Top Portable Solar Power Systems

One of the first portable solar panels to hit the list is the Eco-Worthy DC-FP40-1. This bad boy handles the outdoors, with custom corrosion resistance and a low level of maintenance. It also stands as one of the most affordable panels for the level of power it provides.

The main downside is that this panel doesn’t store or harness as much energy as its bigger cousins. For charging something like an automatic watering system, however, it’s perfect.

If you’re looking for raw power, you want the Zamp Solar 120P. Boasting a max power output of 40 amps a day, the Zamp will charge all your devices and still have juice to spare. It’s one of the most expensive options, but if you need that level of power coupled with a lot of durability its worth it.

Finally, there’s the Renogy, which stands as the middle ground between the Eco-Worthy and the Zamp. It packs more power than the Eco-Worthy and comes with features the Eco-Worthy skimps out on, like digital readouts of the energy it’s collected. However, it comes up a bit short if you’re trying to match the power and toughness of the Zamp pound-for-pound.

To sell the middle child image further, the Renogy sits right between the Zamp and the Eco-Worthy in terms of the price tag. If you’re hungry for even more options however, check out the PoweredPortableSolar blog to see what generator is right for your garden!

So Where Do You Put It?

The most important tip for placing your new solar panel is to make sure it goes where it will get the most charge. A good rule of thumb is to either have your panel face south (true south, not magnetic south) for absorbing the most sunlight. Check your local meteorological data to get a clearer idea about where to place your solar panel.

You will also want to make sure the panels go far enough away from any plants you’re growing. Since the panels require a great deal of wiring and grounding so they don’t short out, their ground real estate gets swallowed up fast, so placing them in the center of your garden isn’t the best plan.

Time to Charge It Up!

Congratulations! You now know all about the best portable solar power system for your garden and where to place it! If you’re looking for more information on ways to keep our planet clean while improving your lifestyle, check out the other posts on our blog!

Now get out there and make the world greener!