Green Commute? Use an eco friendly Hoverboard as a Form of Transportation

Are you looking for ways to travel without contributing to an increase in carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions?

You can always buy an electric car that doesn’t emit smog or use gasoline. But it’s not always eco-friendly, considering that electricity may come from nuclear power plants or coal. It isn’t very practical either, what with the limited number ohf charging stations. A better alternative would be a bicycle. That is, if you don’t mind using your leg power for extended periods of time.

What other form of transportation can take you from one point to another without causing pollution or requiring physical exertion? Hoverboards.

Also known as a self-balancing electric scooter, a hoverboard is powered by rechargeable batteries that only need to be recharged in 2 to 3 hours, and will run for up to 10 hours, depending on its build, design and other features. Although it doesn’t go faster than 30mph, it can still take you places at 0 emission.

Unlike gas-powered scooters, a hoverboard is good for the environment, for a lot of reasons.© Photographer Somlith Brandon Inthalangsy

It uses lithium-ion batteries instead of gas.

With Lithium-ion batteries as a power source, hoverboards are inherently zero-emission machines. While it still relies on electricity to recharge, electricity can be sourced from alternative or clean energy, resulting in an eco-friendly transportation overall. If your home uses solar energy for electricity, then everything related to your hoverboard is environment-friendly.

It is a versatile ride.

Using a car over short distances is a waste of fuel and contributes to an increase in emission. It would have been more practical to ride a public transportation, but it still won’t offset the carbon footprint. This makes the hoverboard a more viable and eco-friendly option. It is also more than capable of replacing a motorcycle, because it can fit through areas where vehicles can’t pass through. So if you take out gas-powered cars and motorcycles off the highway, the world would be a much cleaner and healthier place to live in.


It is easier to manufacture.

Major industries, including vehicle manufacturers, have one of the highest carbon footprint. This is because the use a huge number of machines and people  all contribute to emissions. Since hoverboards don’t need as much workforce and equipment to manufacture, they don’t contribute to the increased carbon footprint.

What is even better is that hoverboards are cost-effective. Because the cost of technologies used in manufacturing hoverboards has significantly decreased, they have become an attractive alternative means of transportation. And although some of them are more advanced than others, the increase in price is relatively lower than those vehicles with advanced features. The associated costs of the automobile industry remain high, but it’s not getting closer to zero emissions.

Of course, self-balancing electric scooters aren’t perfect. Disposing them can be a problem, especially when people don’t follow proper procedures. While lithium-ion batteries cause minimal harm when leaked to the environment, too much of them can become a problem. So, proper care and disposal is a must.

But overall, a hoverboard is your next best option for a green commute.