How To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean The Eco Friendly Way

Whilst it’s vitally important to keep the water in your hot tub or spa clean and free from bacteria and germs, not everyone wants to use the usual range of chemicals that are on sale. Maybe you feel strongly about the environment and want to take a different approach. Maybe someone in your family has a particular allergy, or maybe you just want to compare the results of the eco friendly cleaners and sanitizers with the traditional methods. Whatever your reasons, there are some really effective alternative products out there that can do an efficient job.

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Aquasafe 90

Take a look at a product called Aquasafe 90. The water care pack includes filter flow oxidising tablets, ph test strips and bacteria test strips as well as a bottle of chemical free water cleanser. Aquasafe 90 is a remarkable product containing natural seaweed enzymes making it completely bio degradable and non toxic to the environment. In fact it is so safe you can actually use the water from your hot tub to water your garden. Your water will be free from the nasty chemical smells that usually occur when using a product such as chlorine and those with sensitive skin will find they can use the hot tub or spa without suffering from itching, dry skin or burning eyes.

Aquasafe 90 has been developed after years of research and testing by independent laboratories, with the resulting product effective at eliminating E.coli, Trichophyton Mentagrophytes (the fungus that causes athletes foot), Legionella Pneumophila (the micro organism that causes legionnaires disease and many other harmful bacteria.

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Further Top Tips

To cut down further on the risk of contamination, make sure you take a shower before entering the water as 80% of water contamination actually comes from the body, also, make sure you rinse your filter on a weekly basis and clean thoroughly every 4-6 weeks with a cleaning solution.