EXERGY Won the European Geothermal Innovation Award


This year’s winner of the European Geothermal Innovation Award is EXERGY, a company that is in the business of developing and manufacturing ORC turbines using advanced technology called Radial Outflow Turbine.

This award is a part of the collaboration of MesseOffenbourg and the European Geothermal Energy Council. The candidates for receiving the award are companies that have managed to make an impact on the development of geothermal energy. This can be done in more than one way, which is why the winners are not only those who have done scientific research in the field, but also those who have started projects or patented products that are relevant for the said development.

This year’s prize was given away during the opening night of GeoTHERM exhibition that was held in Offenbourg, Germany. There were five nominees, geoKOAX, Fangmann Energy Services, Turboden and Jaske& Wolf Verfahrenstechnik. The members of the jury were experts from Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

Although they competed against really strong opponents, EXERGY managed to win the award for its innovation that was first presented in one of the Turkish geothermal plants.

The innovation is the installation ofthe world first orc geothermal power plant with two pressure level cycle on a single turbine, which is possible thanks to the use of Exergy’sradiale outflow turbine.

The work that EXERGY is doing with its proprietary technologies is aimed at achieving greater production of energy, which is done by exploiting heat sources that have so far been unusable. By doing this, they are significantly contributing to the development of the field of geothermal energy.

The man who collected the award was Anthony Hinde, who works for EXERGY as the marketing director. He commented that the company is at the same time proud to be the winner and thankful for having its efforts recognized. He also said that the ORC turbine will make it possible to turn previously unlucrative projects into commercially viable ones.

The CEO of EXERGY, Claudio Spadacini, shares the enthusiasm. He said that the award will mean a lot to the people behind their innovations, and that the team is already working on furthering the advancement in the field of geothermal energy. It is worth noting that this is EXERGY’s second European Innovation Award.