The Importance of a Healthy Green Lawn

Healthy lawns are quite important to our lifestyles, landscapes and environment. Lawns are always under attack as being a waste of natural resources. When managed with care, there are many benefits of lush green lawns.

Bare lawns

Lawns that are bare are a breeding ground for noxious weeds such as puncturevine. These puncturevines will not move into areas that are grassy where it cannot compete with turf grass. This makes it a very hot and dusty spot in the summer.

Green grassy areas

Lush green grassy areas make for great outdoor recreation spots that:

  • Create peaceful feelings and improve moods

  • Link us to nature
  • Offer a safe and comfortable place for children to play

Green grassy lawns are a real asset to homes by:

  • Boosting curb appeal
  • Enhancing landscape plantings
  • Increasing property values
  • Beautifying our neighborhoods

Lawn care

Truly beautiful yards are developed by offering the conditions that are best for growing built on a foundation that is solid and inputs such as:

  • Fertilizers
  • Seed
  • Water
  • Control products.

Core aeration is also good for great lawns and can be performed in the fall or spring and improves your lawn’s beauty and health, optimizes root development reducing thatch and associated problems. To learn more about healthy lawn care go to


Fertilization is an essential part of all lawn care plans. A well-fertilized lawn is healthier and greener, as well as far better at stopping weed infestation, disease and drought. As an additional bonus, lawns that are healthy give back to ouratmosphere by making oxygen, cooling the air through weather that is hot, and ensnaring and absorbing urban pollution and dust.


With your lawn’s nutrition in first of importance, Weed Man’s has developed fertilizer that is slow-release granular. Weed Man recommends their proprietary 65% slow-release, granular fertilizer. This is their finest, golf course value mixture feeding the lawn slowly – only when it is needed. This lets grass feed over a prolonged period of about 8 weeks, instead of feasting all at once.

Exclusive blend

This exclusive, high-quality blend is made from ingredients that are naturally-occurring and they aid in plant growth, keep grass green and healthy, assist in root development and increases winter hardiness as well as resistance to drought and disease.