How To Take Care Of Cannabis Grown At Home?

The process of growing cannabis is fairly simple. Quite a few strains of cannabis grow in the wild all over the world. However, if you are planning on growing some cannabis then it might be the female plants of some potent strains that will give you the desired cannabis plant. This can then be harvested, dried, and cured which further can be used to eat, smoke, vaporize or for other medical and recreational purposes.

So today we are going to give you some tips on how to grow cannabis at home:

1) The timeline for growing cannabis is as follows. You will require about 3 months for growing the plant post which there will be a week spent on drying and another couple of weeks for curing. In total, it takes about 4 months for you to have your own supply of cannabis.

2) The ideal conditions for growing good cannabis are as follows: you will require a room space or soilless space with a good amount of light and air flow. It requires warm temperatures and definitely cannot withstand the cold. Soils with a pH level between 6&7 give good results provided that it has a good amount of nutrients. The Grow Depot can supply you with all the essentials in this regard.

3) Plant in spring and harvest in fall so that the plant gets its minimum of 8 hours of required sunlight. The plants tend to grow very fast and hence require the right sunlight to keep pace with the growth.

4) If you are an indoor grower then you can make use of grow lights to stimulate day and night thereby helping your plant to get accustomed to this type of lighting and then set its growth cycle accordingly. You have different grow light options to choose from. Make the most of what you can within your budget.

5) Special care has to be taken during the vegetative and the flowering stage. It is essential that you do not experiment with your first harvest. Doing a quick google search before trying any new technique is suggested. Also maintaining pH and nutrient level will get you satisfactory results.

On that note, female plants grow buds and male plants do not. Learn a little more about how to identify the same and grow them accordingly and now you are good to go. Happy hashing!