How to plan for your first event

It is an overwhelming experience, planning an event especially if it’s your first. You have to worry about pretty much everything, hope nothing goes wrong and that you don’t forget anything. So proper planning prior to the event is the key as it will save you from the trouble of worrying. Some basic pre-planning strategies include:

  • Create a checklist

This is your step by step guide on what you need to do in preparation for the event. This creates a clear framework and keeps you on toes.

  • Make a budget

You’re not to overspend so develop a budget. This helps ensure that you have everything written down and that there is no unnecessary expenditure. You have to plan something that’s within your limits.

  • Book facilities

Booking the venue 4-6 weeks prior is a smart move. There are other critical things that need to be available a day prior to the event or delivered very early in the morning. These usually include a podium, stage equipments, chairs, tables and Restroom trucks – TruckXpress which should be there and ready on the day of the event.

  • Food and drinks

You need to pre-order and organize the food and drinks before the event. This includes what type of food you’ll be serving as there are varieties such as buffet, lunch, snacks etc. Getting a catering service could help you manage the whole hustle and save you time.

  • The type of event

The type of event dictates the number of people that would be possibly attending. This makes it easy for you to plan and saves you from being overwhelmed by the number of people that will show up. If it’s a concert and you want more people to attend, you should consider advertising using fliers, pamphlets, newspaper ads and also online promotions. This way you reach to more people that may come to your event.