How Solar Charging Stations Can Help Transform And Improve Public Spaces

The public park or a public beach is a place where everyone can stay for free. These types of public spaces are perfect for a quick lunch break in between the busy workday or as a nice getaway that costs next to nothing. At first glance, these spaces are well-designed and well-maintained locations that everyone in the community can enjoy. However, with a few minor adjustments and additions they can becomes so much more.

One perfect addition to the public area comes in the form of a solar charging station. Here are some convincing reasons why your local public spaces can benefit by adding a charging station that relies on solar power:

Free Device Charging For All

Just about everyone today owns a gadget that needs to be charged at least once every couple of days. Be it a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, it needs charging. Since a public park is free and operates through taxpayer’s money, adding charging stations that connect to power grid will only increase operating fees.

The addition of a solar charging station, on the other hand, allows everyone to charge their devices for free. By harnessing the power of the sun, the charging station can charge several devices throughout the day with no added cost to the public space operation.

The Sustainable Choice

Solar power is a renewable source of energy. After the initial investment to purchase and install the charging station, it barely requires any additional cost. Aside from the maintenance fees in the following years, solar powered charging stations will continue to function without added cost. The local community can come together to raise the funds for the setup and everyone can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable and free power source at the park or the beach.

Emergency Power Source

There are many reasons why the power grid may fail. Be it from a natural disaster or some kind of malfunction on the electrical grid, the entire town can lose access to power. Having a charging station powered by solar energy ensures everyone that there is a source of power in case of an emergency.

What adds to its value is the fact that it is in a public area where people tend to gather during an emergency case. It only makes sense to have at least one charging station in a public space that does not rely on the power grid.

Encourage The Use Of Clean And Renewable Energy

Many homes today are doing their best to transition to solar power or some other type of renewable energy. A public space can lead by example and prove to those who are skeptical about the power the renewable energy movement that it does work and can be used on a daily basis.

The public use of the charging station can be a form of clean energy campaign for the community. Sooner or later more and more residents will invest in solar panels which will benefit the planet as a whole. Renewable energy is a reliable source for power and a solar powered charging station is a step in the clear and greener direction.

A solar charging station at a public space can make a big difference. General Recreation offers benches and poles equipped with this technology. Contact us today for more info.