Finer Options for the Best Turbines

Windmills have long ceased to be an exotic novelty, now they are considered as one of the possible options for savings. Air flows over the earth’s surface carry a huge amount of energy that is now successfully used in industrial wind turbines and small wind turbines for private use.

We will tell you how to choose and technically correctly install a wind generator for a private house. In our proposed article describes the rules for assembly and operation of mini power plants. Interested buyers are given advice on choosing a rating of popular models.

Design and principle of operation of wind turbines

The GIGA Turbines are special devices that transform kinetic wind energy into electrical energy. These are independent sources of electricity that are excellently suited for installation in private homes, small and medium-sized farms, and production bases.

The design of a standard mini-power station for residential use includes the following functional elements:

  • The blades of aerodynamic shape to catch the wind.
  • Generator for producing alternating current.
  • Controller for automatic control of wind station. Allows you to adjust the recharging of batteries, distributes energy flows between devices.
  • Drive Special batteries for the accumulation of generated electricity.
  • Inverter to bring the parameters of the generated energy to the network standards.

Mast raises the blades to a certain height above ground level.

Masts are different: free-standing without stretch marks, rigidly fixed and turning on stretch marks. The latter can be lowered and raised for maintenance, as well as for carrying out repair work.

 Wind generator

Under the influence of wind blades mounted on the generator shaft, begin to rotate, contributing to the launch of the rotor. As a result, the kinetic energy of the air flow is converted into mechanical, and then into electrical energy. It looks like a very simplified scheme of the windmill

In fact, the energy from the wind power plant is not directly supplied to the consumer. The system must be connected to special devices for the conversion of electric current.

A controller is placed in the circuit after the generator. It converts alternating current into direct current. In this form, electricity is accumulated and stored in batteries, and then from them through an inverter, which transforms direct current into alternating current, energy is supplied to the private grid.

Such a scheme makes it possible to smooth out voltage instability, as well as accumulate energy during periods of complete lack of consumption. And this, in turn, allows you to use wind generators of lower power than the total power of household appliances.

 Wind turbine

During the conversion of electric current according to the variable-constant-variable scheme, certain energy losses occur, which constitute approximately 20%. Together with the autonomous wind station, you can install both solar modules and fuel generators. If several devices for generating electricity are involved at once, the circuit is supplemented with one more element an automatic switch (ABP). It is necessary so that when one source of alternative energy is disconnected, another one is launched – backup.