Different organizations unite to save Ngong Hills, Kenya

Ngong Hills in Kenya is in a unfortunate state today. Different organizations have gathered to further stop its deterioration through tree planting.

In its heydays, the Ngong Hills and Forest Reserve had 3,000 hectares of lush forests, but it was reduced to just 1,200 acres by 2005, according to Nasdaq. Kenya is currently having multiple environmental concerns such as deforestation and environmental degradation, which are linked to climate change, soil erosion, desertification and global warming. One natural consequence of these is food shortage due to lower crop yield. An increase in population also means an increase in the need for wood and timber for the energy source in households.

The solution to deforestation is to plant more trees and make sure that laws are enacted to prevent excessive cutting down of trees or illegal logging. SoftKenya says regional tree planting initiatives should be encouraged more to help save what is left of Kenya’s ravaged forests. As such, community participation and mobility is needed now more than ever. Aside from tree planting activities, educational campaign, outreach, and public awareness should also be done to address and prevent environment issues to happen again.

Recently, cause-related marketing firm, Exponential, Inc. (XPO2), has taken the lead role in inviting different organizations to participate in tree planting activities for Ngong Hills in Kenya. Its founder and CEO Dom Einhorn wants to give back to the community and plans to utilize the use of a tech platform for this cause.

The organizations invited to the tree planting are grouped into unique categories: lead conservators, support, participants, government representatives, planting ground permission groups, and participants and ground preparations, among others. Overall, there were 12 groups that participated in the activity.

Among the most notable are:

  1. Kajiado County Environment Action Group/ Mazingiramashinani – Support
  2. Embulbul/Ololua Environment Waste Management Group – Lead Conservators
  3. Team Environment Kenya – Lead Support Conservators
  4. Kajiado County Forest Office – Support
  5. Kenya Forest Services/ Kenya forest Research Institute – Government Official Authorities
  6. Rotary Kenya – Planting Grounds Permission & Support
  7. Ngong Hills Community & Youth Group – Participants and Ground Preparations
  8. Ngong Road Forest Association – Support
  9. Cara Project – Tree Planting Participants
  10. Hekima Place – Tree Planting Participants
  11. Tania Integrated Academy- Tree Planting Participants
  12. Greening Kenya Foundation – Support
  13. Warren Foundation- Support

15.Ngong Metro Community Forest association – Support

16.Kerarapon Development – Support

17.MMU students – Tree Planting Participants

18.Environmental Journalism Kenya – Tree Planting Participants

19.KU students – Tree Planting Participants

20.Ngong hills residents association – Support

21.Rongai Sacco – Support

22.Kona baridi Community – Support

  1. Shelter Children’s Home – Tree Planting Participants

Ngong Hills Conservation Trust – Umbrella Group was formed to distribute funds collected by XPO2.

The Tania Integrated Academy’s participation in this event is a proof that everybody can help and deliver changes, no matter the status in life. The group is home to 168 children in Ngong-kibiko, Kenya. Their aim is to provide basic necessities, development of character and self-esteem. With the tree planting activity, the kids have learned to value the environment and the negative impact of deforestation.

Before leading the tree planting activity, XPO2 has participated in several corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the Philippines and Vietnam where the company fed and clothed disadvantaged children, treated several terminally ill seniors in hospices, and helped multiple NGOs raise funds for different advocacies in the process.

XPO2 has also collaborated with Diamond CBD, one of the world’s leading CBD companies, to help improve the health, well-being, and quality of life for people globally. Diamond CBD offers CBD oils and other products as an alternative treatment for anxiety, panic attacks, and body pains.

Diamond CBD recently eclipsed its own revenue targets due to the massive success of its CBD products. Last month, the company posted over $500,000 in website-orders alone, which is a feat when it comes to online sales. It’s parent company, PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) decided to venture into cryptos with the launch of Blockchain Crypto Technology Corp. subsidiary to diversify into a new field where there is a huge potential for growth.

XPO2’s mission is to help NGOs raise funds for their causes. The donations and efforts from consumers who use the platform are crucial to the mission’s success. With the help of various organizations and groups, XPO2 plans to make the world a better place by planting one tree at a time or helping the disadvantaged children one day at a time.