An Overview: Greenhouse Controls For Cannabis Growers

The main aim of a greenhouse is to control the greenhouse environment. Every plant needs a limited range of temperature, light, air, humidity, soil moisture and nutrients to grow. All type of plants requires physical support for roots and shoots. Plants depend on the symbiotic relationship with insects and fungi to reproduce and grow.

The greenhouse control systems are computer operating systems which are used for the control and monitoring of climate, irrigation, and fertilization. By controlling these factors, growers would be able to maximize the production and quality. Greenhouse Automation for Growers will help them to look after the crop very closely.

They allow growers more time for growing the more consistent crop. The main aim of using automation is to make work better for the growth of the crop.

Greenhouse Controls for Cannabis Growers

Cannabis growers are starting to move their production from the warehouse to the greenhouse to benefit sun’s natural light and environmental control. The main reason to take cannabis to the greenhouse is energy saving. It is safer and more predictable to grow cannabis in the greenhouse than outdoor. Greenhouses provide a longer growing season. It is safe to grow cannabis in the greenhouse. If grown from good seed stock, you may enjoy the benefit.

Cannabis when grown in a greenhouse, it gives control over elements like direct sunlight, misting, lighting, irrigation, and temperature. They can reduce the yield of medical marijuana. Besides these things, a greenhouse will protect your plant from pests and outside intruders. The controls for greenhouses give you the freedom to cultivate cannabis year round, and some of the common controls used in greenhouse cultivation are:

  1. Irrigation control – It is an advanced watering system designed in such a way to irrigate plants effectively. Depending on the configuration of the system, they can manage 20 different feed formulas. There are some irrigations systems available that can set to water plants on a pre-determined schedule.
  2. Heating controls – The system is used in areas with extreme temperature change. They increase the temperature in a greenhouse during cold season and reduce the temperature during the summer season.
  3. Lighting control – Lighting is essential for the growth of cannabis for the buds to flourish truly. With the new system, spectrum lighting can control different timing schedules.
  4. Fertigation control – It is a computerized system which works with the irrigation system to fertilize your soil in the greenhouse. If you have different strains of cannabis, you can set up different formulas to irrigate them at the different interval during the daytime.
  5. Co2 control – A climatic control system is used that includes monitor and sensors which can effectively regulate the greenhouse climatic condition like co2, air quality and temperature to an optimum degree. It works with multiple sensors which will be located in various locations in the greenhouse.

The cannabis plants need purified water to grow. Plant roots will absorb the nutrients and minerals. So the plant should receive the right kind of irrigation water with right PH levels.