Why Should You Choose Vermicompost over Chemical Fertilizer?

Vermicomposting is an organic method used in farming that helps provide soil nutrients. With the help of Vers L’avenir earthworms, you can vermicompost on your own

With the surge in chemical fertilizer usage; it is essential to be aware that it causes severe harm to the land and the consumers of the food it produces. It overall impacts human life and causes damage to health. 

Excessive usage of chemical fertilizers causes the quality of food to deteriorate, and its poisoning is responsible for destroying the entire ecosystem.

Vermicomposting uses earthworms to produce natural fertilizer with the help of vegetable waste. It is in the form of liquid and is similar in color to honey. It contains a number of nutrients like cytokinin oxytocin, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, good bacteria, Fungi, Actinomycetes, etc. It is suggested to use vermicompost over chemical fertilizers due to the following reasons:

  1. It is organic in nature.

Due to its organicness, it causes no harm to human health. It does not contain any dangerous chemicals or require any additional mixtures. It is safe for everyone. 

  1. It is more nutritious as compared to chemical fertilizers.

A lot of people tend to believe that chemical fertilizers facilitate higher production as compared to organic farming. However, the easily absorbed vermicompost provides essential nutrients to the plant roots and promotes growth. Due to the worm mucus present in it, the vermicompost does not get easily flushed out from the soil. The manure is retained for longer in the plants, and as a result, they get more nutrients. 

  1. It improves plant health.

Due to the usage of vermicompost, the requirement for pesticides in plants gets reduced, and their health has improved. Pesticide reduction also helps in the quick recovery of the plants and initiates a healthy improvement cycle. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers lead to the breakdown of soil. Continuous usage of chemical fertilizers leads to a buildup of ammonia and salts, which decreases the immunity of plants to handling diseases. 

  1. It promotes growth.

Vermicompost contains growth Hammonds which encourages germination of seeds and improves the crop yield. It also helps in promoting a healthy route which leads to solid plants.

  1. It provides nutrition at a slow and steady pace instead of overwhelming the plant.

Chemical fertilizers one bar crops with many nutrients flushed out of the soil. On the other hand, vermicompost provides slow-paced nutrients which get absorbed by the plants.