Which things are recycled and which do not

Recycling has become a daily habit for many people in recent years. 

There is a plastic bag on our kitchen counter, a bag for paper packaging and a box to put on the glass bottles. When they are filled, we go for recycling and then we start collecting again from the beginning.

It’s nice to offer the environment in such a simple way.

However, there are some very useful information that we all need to know so that we can recycle properly.

Did you know that glasses, glasses, mirrors, pizza boxes and CDs are not recycled?

Below are ten very useful recycling, such as cooking oil recycling, that we all need to know.

  1. What is plastic does not necessarily result in recycling. Blue bins must only accept plastic packaging: bottles of all kinds, plastic bags, boxes, bowls, jars, etc. The reasons why we should not throw other plastic objects, such as old toys, are two: in principle, many of them have mechanical parts and are not entirely plastic. In addition, unlike plastic packaging, the plastic from which it is composed can not be classified in a particular category, in order to be dispatched from the sorting centers of recyclable materials to the correct processing plant.
  2. The packaging we throw in recycling should be empty. If someone drops a dirty package into the bin, the contents will dirty the rest, so it will invalidate all of us.
  3. As far as glass is concerned, we can recycle bottles, jars and all kinds of glass packaging, but not glasses, glass, mirrors. The glass or some other glass object may not be glass, it is a matter of recommendation. However, it does not matter whether the package is whole, broken or broken when discarded in the bucket.

  1. It is a myth that we should not throw into the recycling pieces of paper smaller than an A4 glue. The truth is that small papers, in the size of a postit, are not easy to separate in the first stage of hand sorting, however, it is not forbidden to recycle them. The photographs, however, are not recycled.
  2. Pizza boxes, confectionery boxes or any kind of soiled paper should not be thrown into the blue bucket. Especially for pizza boxes, there is often the misconception that since they are made of cardboard then they are recycled. They are dirty and therefore spoil the quality of the paper that is produced.
  3. Foam and styrofoam as packaging materials may be thrown into blue bins. However, they are difficult to exploit.
  4. It does not matter to throw in blue bins boilers, sprays and other containers “under pressure”. But it is enough to be completely empty. As metal packaging, they are recycled. It is a myth that they are in danger of exploding, since they are not subject to pressure during their collection.
  5. CDs, audio and video cassettes are not recycled. Especially for CDs, there are special units dealing with their collection.
  6. Iron or plastic hangers should not normally be thrown into the blue bucket, as they are not considered packaging materials. The truth is that as a material they will be exploited. However, they are not recorded in the quantities recycled.
  7. It is good to remove the lid from the bottles we recycle.