Understanding Precision Animal Nutrition (PAN)

To optimise animal nutrition in a way that is sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly is the goal of farmers and farming suppliers worldwide. As such a tight knit community, individuals in the agricultural industry are making great efforts to streamline the ways in which animal nutrition products are made and delivered, like Precision Feeding. Their study is helping even pet owners offer the best meals to their pets and consequently avoid negative side-effects of indigestion, or when inappropriate food particles lodges into pet teeth and you need dog or cat dental care products to avoid tooth decay.

What is Precision Feeding?

Precision feeding in the practice of agriculture is the use of research and science to ensure with as much accuracy as possible that your animals are receiving enough of all the nutrients that they require.

This is done while making strong efforts to minimise the effect on the environment. The intake of food is monitored closely to compensate for the variation within the flock. By establishing what levels work for the majority of a certain farm animal precision feeding can increase profitability and lower environmental pressures. Precision feeding is applicable to all kinds of livestock and can be monitored on an individual or flock level.

How Can Precision Feeding Contribute to Green Incentives?

By measuring exactly what different species need when it comes to feed you can reduce certain outputs. For example, one study found that laying hens don’t need as high an amount of proteins and amino acids as previously thought. Less of these ingredients in feed can reduce the excretion of nitrogen into the environment.

How is Precision Feeding Profitable?

Precision feeding allows for the implementation of farm automation to reduce labour costs. It will also lead to less wasting of nutrients and animal health by establishing a base. If an animal’s health or behaviour is affected then the vet will know exactly what and how much the animal has been eating for long stretches of time.

By using chemical analysis to establish exactly what farm animals need from their animal nutrition products we can see what is needed, how much and when.

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