Tips for Australian Businesses to Manage Their Waste

Did you know that Australia businesses every year generate more than 19 millions of tonnes of waste, which means that every employee generates close to 2 tonnes of waste every year and only half of it is managed? 

Your business is paying to haul this trash away, so it is important to find ways to manage it effectively. Whether you have a small coffee shop, owns a marketing agency or a large corporation, waste management can add reputation to your business, save you cost time, not to mention that it is important for your employee safety. Here are few tips that can come in handy. 

Do a Waste Audit 

 A waste audit is an excellent way to establish the quantities of waste that you produce and determine areas that needs more attention. This can be easy or technical depending on the type and amount of trash that your business generates. 

Reduce Reuse and Recycle 

Reduce Reuse and Recycle are three important things that you can do to manage your business waste effectively. Again, this can be as simple as you want or can be as technical as you see fit.

Reusing and reducing waste can be as simple as using a double-sided printing if paper trash is your main problem. Setting the ink default as black/white can allow double-print. This can also involve using shredders, and other technical equipment. 

If you are not yet recycling, it high time you begin with basic recycling. Customers, vendor and employee, can start to put all small recyclables into one bin. In case of large business, have plenty of waste bins. 

Use more signage

It is important to use eye-catching signage to encourage recycling and remind employees that they must put rubbish in the designated bin. Make sure you put the bin in a convenient place. For instance, the distance between a recycling bin and the general bin should be close together. Good news, it has been established that 80% of employee prefers recycling and wants to see it more in the workplace, so as long as you ensure that bins are conveniently located, you should not have any problem. 

Reduce wastes going to the landfill 

If your business is involved in a large volume of recyclables, cardboard, or other massive waste, then you need to use balers, compactor, or commercial shredder. Of course, each of these comes in different sizes, so you can find one for small businesses such as consumer shredder. For large materials, balers, compactors and commercial shredders can come in handy. 

The easy system of putting the waste in a bin and sending it to China recently received a blow after China’s ban on importing landfills, so every Australian businesses have to find ways to reduce the costs of waste through effective waste management. 

Luckily, large machines such as balers, commercial shredders, compactors and granulators have advanced to adapt to the current recycling habits. But, having the wrong one in your vicinity can cost you more, and can hinder sustainability of your business. So, it is important to reassess the materials that you need to reduce to determine the right equipment for you. 

Waste Initiative is one of the most reputable specialists of waste management equipment and recycling system. The range of waste management equipment from the company not only allows you to improve your business efficiency but also reduce the impact on our environment.