Three Reasons To Justify Hiring A Skip Over Taking Your Rubbish To The Tip

Are you currently working on a renovation project for your home, or perhaps you are in the process of doing your annual spring clean and have come across some unwanted furnitureor other house hold items?

However, before you go to the effort of packing your car full of things to take to the tip, you might want to hold off for a second and instead consider hiring yourself a skip.

Although hiring a skip as opposed to heading off to the tip is something which you might not have considered before, there are three pretty good reasons in justifying why skip hire would be a more favourable option!


Safer for the environment

Roughly 40% of the world’s waste ends up in rubbish tips which is a rather worrying statistic for our environment according to The Guardian.

Tips, or landfills which they are commonly referred to as, are smelly, contaminated and diseased mounds of rubbish which are damaging our planet.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the methane produced by the rotting organic matter in tips traps heat from the sun more effectively than the carbon dioxide.

Also cleaning chemicals such as bleach and ammonia found in landfills can result in releasing toxic gases which can seriously affect the quality of air around the landfill.

These are just a few of the reasons why tips are negatively impacting the atmosphere, but you can check out more information by heading to LoveToKnow’s article.

So as you can see landfills are damaging our environment, therefore hiring yourself a skip as opposed to heading off to the tip would be a much healthier environmental choice!


Another huge benefit of hiring yourself a skip instead of taking your rubbish to the tip is that you can save yourself a lot of time and effort!

Rather than having to load your car full of rubbish, which you might to be able to fit in all in one go, you then have to locate a tip and make a trip there.

However the benefit of hiring a skip is that it’s right outside your front door, or near enough, making the arduous task of clearing your unwanted items less of a hassle.

The benefit of hiring from skip companies such as Red Skip Hire in Basildon is that you can choose from a variety of different sized skips. From two yard skips to fourteen yard skips, Red Skip Hire can help make the process of getting rid of rubbish that little bit easier and to suit your needs!

Safe and Hygienic

The last advantage of hiring a skip rather than trekking off to the nearest landfill is that putting your waste into a skip is a much safer and cleaner method of disposing with your waste.

With many potential leaking or broken items which you might be looking to get rid of, sorting through the rubbish yourself and having to transfer it to a tip is perhaps not the safest way of dealing with your rubbish.

However, hiring a skip means that you simply have to put the waste into the skip which will then be picked up by the skip hire company who will be able to sort and dispose of your rubbish in a more hygienic and safer way.

These three benefits to skip hire means that packing your car full of rubbish and heading off to the nearest tip no longer needs to be your solution to disposing of your rubbish! Therefore, make life easier for yourself and hire a skip to assist in the removal of your rubbish in a cleaner and safer way, both for you and the environment!