Tank cleaning

Enclosed storage tanks accumulate dirt and debris at a high rate, which reduces their efficiency. Essentially tank cleaning first involves removing liquid residues in the tank followed by cleaning up the sludges using brushes and finally draining the residue. Oates Environmental offers comprehensive tank cleaning services that are focused on restoring the tank to its original condition. At Oates Environmental, we offer tank cleaning services for oil tanks, fuel tanks, and water tanks.

Here’s why you should trust us to clean your tank;

Professionalism and experience

Tank cleaning is a hazardous process that requires experienced personnel to accomplish. At Oates Environmental we have a team of experts who always ensure that the safety protocols are adhered to. This guarantees the quality of our tank cleaning services.

Top notch Equipment

Tank cleaning requires sophisticated equipment for effective cleaning. These equipment include gas detection monitors which are used to measure the hazardous content in the tank’s airspace. Also, high-pressure jets are utilised to remove any hazardous waste that may have accumulated in the tank. For accumulated grease, degreasers are used to break down the oil and grease confined in the tank. At Oates Environmental we have qualified personnel who operate this equipment to ensure your tank is cleaned effectively.

Safer approach to cleaning

At Oates Environmental, we offer a safe approach to tank cleaning for redundant tanks, fuel tanks, and heating oil tanks. Our operations are fully risk assessed, and our experienced management team prepares the method statements. This ensures that we deliver on our promise of quality and reliability when it comes to tank cleaning.

Vapor degreasing is a sustainable cleaning method for your oil tanks. 

Benefits of tank cleaning

Kills hazardous bacteria and pathogens

This primarily applies to water tanks. Water is an essential part of our lives; hence how we store it, should be an essential consideration. In most homes today, tanks are used for residential water storage. However, many homeowners do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the tanks they store their water in.

Bolsters efficiency

A tank’s efficiency is defined by its ability to maintain the quality of the liquid it stores. As such, accumulated residue and sludge significantly hamper the ability of the tank to maintain fluid quality. For oil tanks, for example, accumulated oil sludge reduces the quality of the oil being stored in the tank. Tank cleaning ensures such sludge is taken care of and the tank performs at its optimal capacity.

Lengthens tank’s durability

Accumulated sludge and residue shortens the lifetime of a tank significantly. Regular cleaning ensures the tank maintains its original state which lengthens its lifetime.

At Oates Environmental, we take pride in our clients. We have built our reputation on a solid foundation of quality and reliability. You can contact us for excellent tank cleaning services and other bespoke environmental solutions.