How to Turn your Office Green in 6 Simple Steps

The world is finally out of excuses not to go green – every green piece of technology or any kind of upgrade is very simple to use, it makes you comfortable and perhaps even more so than its predecessor, it takes care of our planet and it’s a smart investment if you’d look at it long-term.

So, if you’re thinking about turning your office green, which is definitely something you should have in mind, you should know that this transition doesn’t have to burden your business and make your team less efficient, or take too much time from your day. If you check out the following steps, you’ll realize that yourself.

Transfer to Biodegradable Office Supplies

You can do this first step during your very next order. Have a nice long chat with your office necessities supplier and see what they have to offer for you when it comes to biodegradable supplies. This should go for everything – even the soaps your office uses, because if you transfer to a gentler version, you’ll contribute to decreasing the level of toxins in the

Alternative Energy Source

The point is to transfer from electricity to a form of energy that comes from a renewable source. Now, your choice here depends on your geographical location mostly and, based on that, you can decide whether you want to go with geothermal, hydropower, plant matter, or wind or solar power. This transition will require an investment, but it will definitely pay off.

Replace Appliances with Green Substitutes

Unless you’re a titan in your business, this investment will require time – I’m sure you won’t risk bankruptcy in order to turn your office green. However, you can make this particular transition slow; considering the fact that each piece of tech requires an occasional replacement, you can simply substitute those appliances that broke down or became inefficient with their green successors.

Get Rid of Paper in All Forms

This one is quite simple and it’s just a matter of mindset, really. Instead of using papers to write notes or create contracts, you can just transfer to their digital versions – everyone owns a smartphone and a personal computer nowadays, so I’m sure there won’t be any issues here. Also, you should reduce your cash acceptance by improving your money flow – you can start doing so by checking out credit card processing company rankings so that you can find the ones that agree with you the

Encourage Public Transportation

Not only should you make all of these changes, but you should also advocate them and raise awareness about environmental issues by educating your employees. This is usually not enough because not everyone considers that they should waste their seconds on going green, but you can be clever with this and grant work benefits to those employees who use public transportation or bikes to get to work. You’d be surprised with how the overall interest in your office will increase for planetary issues when monetary awards are involved.

And Obviously – Recycle

Other than the conventional way of recycling, you can go a mile further and bring your game to a new level. For example, when in need of new furniture, you can go with vintage stuff instead of purchasing a brand new item – items like these will contribute to the overall attitude in your building and make your office artsy. You shouldn’t underestimate the environment where your employees work in because it can do miracles for their efficiency – if done properly, it will have an inspiring effect on them.

This really isn’t much work and it makes a real difference. You should also know that business who go green have a lot of different benefits, so making this decision will not only have a positive effect on the world you live in, but it will also open new doors for you and your company. You can take your time with this transition, but make sure that you stay determined and persistent about it.