How Prepaid Power Service Really Works

Maybe for sometimes now you have been wondering how prepaid power works. How do you get electricity from twenty digits? These are just some of the questions that pop up in anyone’s mind when you think about prepaid power. Prepaid power is a plan. This plan allows the customers to control their electricity consumption by paying before actually using the electricity. The plan has been advanced to be more flexible and now it is referred to as pay as you go.

This type of electricity payment is gaining popularity all around the world. This is because of the flexibility it offers in controlling your electric use. At this time and age, it is very convenient. Prepaid power helps save your electricity cost. It helps you avoid the never-ending hassles characterized by using the traditional power method. This is more convenient compared to other electricity providers because through this method you will pay only what you have actually used.

Determining Prepaid Power Service Eligibility

There are two ways you can get Prepaid Electricity. One is through online sign-up and the other is through making a phone call to a representative of a customer care service. There are a variety of options you can choose from when you log in to view plans. If your home is fitted with a smart meter, it is even easier because you could establish a connection in just 4 hours. But this will depend on various factors one of them being if your meter can be activated remotely. If you do not have a smart meter yet, no worries. One will be installed at your home by a technician. Better yet, on the same day installation has been done, connections can be established.

Payment Process Involved in Prepaid Service

You will not get a billing statement at the end of the month. This is because you are paying for electricity in advance. What you have to do is just deposit money in your account before you can start the electricity consumption. You will receive a notification either through text or email daily. This is because your meter is read every day and you will be told the amount of electricity you have consumed in a day and the balance that is left. You can also make your prepaid power service payments online. This is enabled using the online portal. A confirmation email or text will follow to confirm to you the payment.

You can even set up an auto-pay option where you will set an amount taken from your account regularly. You can also make payments through your phone using an automated system, which allows you to deposit money to your account and make payments in real time. If you are an old school type of person, and you think of these online errands are not your thing, then you can make payments in person. What you have to do is just visit any MoneyGram location near you and make the payments.