How Green are your Glass and Bottle Holders?

Even the most environmentally conscious of people can sometimes compromise their ideals, and one area in which this sometimes happens is glass and bottle holders. They often look good, but are made of materials and parts that are not ecologically sound. There are few options to choose from when it comes to green glass and bottle holders. One that has recently arrived on the scene that we particularly like is Deck, a highly innovative new series that is set to hit the shelves that not only looks extremely chic and stylish, but also involves holders that fold up to a fraction of their extended size so that they hardly takes up any storage space. Despite their flexible mechanism being constructed using paper, they are surprisingly robust. They can be folded outwards like an accordion, and would make for an interesting talking point in any modern kitchen or living room.

            As mentioned, the series is environmentally friendly, and the holders have a MDF and PVC skin that makes them highly durable. They represent the perfect combination of aesthetic value and practicality. The bottle holder is a mere 26 x 27 cm when folded up, and the glass holder is a mere 31.5 x 27 cm, meaning that they can be stored in a kitchen cupboard with no trouble at all.


            Deck is the brainchild of Taiwan-based company Studio Leene, and is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It’s already causing quite a stir, with lifestyle, travel and tech magazine Jebiga waxing lyrical about it and stating that it has ‘all the potential to become a part of every modern home’. The holders are available for a mere $69 per set for early birds on Kickstarter. This is definitely an option for those who like nice-looking, novel kitchen accessories, but also refuse to compromise their environmental principles.