How Farms Can Benefit From Pig Manure Management

Pig manure is a tremendous source of fertilizer for farms. Farmers can save up to $50 per acre in costs by utilizing the plant nutrients in manure. However, improved farming practices and increased profits are only possible through proper handling, storage, and use of manure. Pig manure can actually contaminate the farming surfaces and groundwater if mishandled.

The importance ofpig manure management​ can be judged from the fact that farmers are frequently charged fines in several Russian speaking and European countries for unsatisfactory manure management.

The installation of anaerobic digesters on farms is an incredible solution. The technology seeks to digest the polluting waste, protecting farms and their productivity.

Among the major problems to farmers include constant supervision and dealing with endless problems. Managing manure using digesters means farmers consistently use the waste from their own farms. Plus, supervision time can also be reduced by co-digesting a small portion of the off-farm substrate like brewery waste regularly.

Also, many countries offer financial incentives to farmers for improving manure management. Regardless of the type of farm you own,​agricultural digesters ​prove extremely useful for managing manure. Some regions are also subject to extreme weather conditions that often kill the young stock. Installing a digester with a boiler instead of a combined heat and power generator produces heat to ensure the survival of your livestock.

When it comes to installing digesters, however, you might be tempted to create your own digester. Keep in mind that reputable digester companies aren’t just specialized in technology but also understand the behavior of livestock, the associated problems, and their sustainable solutions.

Hence, get in touch with Agricultural Digestersand obtain expert advice from​ a ​biogas project consultant to make most out of digesters and reap the benefits of efficient pig manure management it offers.