Demand for Local Asbestos Removalists on the Rise

Latest statistics indicate that the demand for local asbestos Removalists in Australia is on the rise. This comes at a time when people are coming to terms with the health and environmental hazards caused by this natural occurring material.

A report by indicates that more and more people are turning to asbestos removal companies. This especially applies to owners of old buildings that were built several decades ago when asbestos was the main material of construction and was yet to be termed unsafe. Figures show that the demand for the removalist increased by 32% in 2016 and is expected to continue rising in 2017.

Asbestos is found in many old homes, offices, factories and warehouses in Sydney western suburbs and allover Australia. These properties were constructed several decades ago. Asbestos was preferred because it was light, long-lasting, waterproof and fire-resistant. It is found in a range of products including cement roof sheeting, floor tiles, fire blankets, jointing compounds, wall linings and much more. This essential material is found insitu in most of Australia, is imported in finished products from other countries, and was commonly recycled.Image result for Demand for Local Asbestos Removalists on the Rise

The material however was banned in 2003 after research revealed that it causes lots of health and environmental risk. Over time, the material starts degrading and releasing the minute fibres which may cause respiratory diseases, lung infections, cancer and much more. One of the areas that have a high percentage of asbestos in Australia is Sydney western suburbs where there are lots of old homes and commercial buildings.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare refers to asbestos as the “Invisible Killer” and advocates for safe removal and disposal of this material. Australia comes second to England in regards to mesothelioma cases and a report from the organization reveals that people afflicted by this deadly disease is expected to rise to approximately 18,000 by 2021. It furthers shows that between 2 and 10% of the population is exposed to asbestos and will likely contract pleural mesothelioma. Current estimates show that about 12 people die weekly from mesothelioma related problems.

Due to its sensitivity and high risk, only licensed and certified local asbestos removalists should be allowed to get rid of this material. The right firm goes through intense training on how to safely remove and dispose of the product. It also is vetted by Government agencies and related bodies to ascertain its capability and adherence to the laid down regulations.

While it may look simple and harmless, asbestos removal should only be handled by experts. Trying to do it yourself or relying on an inexperienced or unlicensed firm will bring more-harm-than-good. Firstly, you will be contravening the laid down rules and guidelines. Secondly, you risk breaking down the materials and releasing the fatal fibres to the environment. Thirdly, too much exposure will expose you, people around you and pets/animals to diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and many others.

Removing asbestos from your old homes, commercial building and other places should only be done by reputable and competent local asbestos removalists in Australia. If you live in Sydney western suburbs or nearby, you can contact our firm to learn more about asbestos removal or any related issue.