Bean About™: The Foldable Beanbag that Teaches Kids about Conservation

Who doesn’t love lounging around on a beanbag? There’s something so satisfying about plonking yourself down on one and feeling its shape adapt to the contours of your body. The only problem is that until now, beanbags have been cumbersome to transport, meaning that they aren’t easily portable. Fortunately, a beanbag that is compact enough to be folded and able to be carried anywhere is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It also seeks to teach kids about the need for conserving endangered species.

These new portable beanbags are called Bean About, and a kids’-size version will hopefully soon be available, complete with artistic renderings of 3 endangered species to teach children about the importance of conservation. Quarterly donations will be made to 3 organizations that are fighting for the preservation of these creatures: Traffic, Virunga National Park, and The Australian Wildlife Conservancy. This seems like a great idea to benefit the natural world whilst giving children a comfy place to sit.