Arnica Massage Oil benefits and health tips

The arnica plant is a flowering herb that hails from the family of sunflowers.

It grows high on rocky cliffs in Eastern Europe, Siberia, and some parts of North America,

For centuries, healers knew of this herb as ‘wolfsbane’ and used it commonly as an herbal medicine for healing wounds, muscle and joint pain, and inflammation.

Modern medication is making a range of topical treatments with the help of arnica; as it cures osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscle and joint inflammations.

Arnica massage balm benefits and daily uses

Since arnica can be dangerous to ingest in its pure, distilled form, pharmaceutical companies manufacture it for topical use by diluting it, with its oils and balms being the most effective for healing purposes.

Relieves muscle and joint pain

Arnica comes with the natural healing ingredient of helenalin which reduces inflammation of muscles and joints like no other medicine.

Athletes and gym enthusiasts overwork their muscles daily and constantly need massages to relax their stretched ligaments.

Arnica oil massages are a common remedy for these professionals, ensuring their safe return to the playing field with no residual pain.

Promotes hair growth

A dry scalp with dandruff and damaged skin can be harmful to your hair.

Massaging arnica oil regularly on your head and along the length of your hair can rejuvenate the roots and skin of your scalp.

It strengthens the hair’s proteins like keratin, resulting in a sturdy hair follicle and shiny hair for days.

Expedites post-op healing

Arnica’s natural healing properties extend to recovering from wounds and bruises as well.

Aside from medications prescribed by your doctor, massaging arnica oil on your body after surgery can help the affected areas heal much faster.

The American Journal of Therapeutics has labeled arnica oil as a ‘suitable replacement’ to steroids and anti-inflammatory medications in recovering from post-operational pain.

Removes acne

Just when you thought this oil couldn’t get any better, it does.

Using arnica topically is a proven remedy to get rid of bodily scarring. Yes, we mean acne scars too.

Since acne often involves inflammation of the skin, massaging arnica balms and oils on the affected areas can soothe the acne, allowing it to heal naturally; and much quicker.

The Arnica Massage Balm that does it all

There’s no need to look left or right cause we’ve put together the best arnica balm for you right here.

Weleda Arnica Massage Balm benefits you greatly as it’s the best product for curing rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, and muscular pain.

Not only these, but this balm also provides sure relief from a stiff body, backache, fibrosis, wounds and scars, and bodily cramps.

You should apply arnica massage balm to the body after a warm bath when the skin is still damp, for best results.


Inflammation in the body can cause a lot of discomfort to its sufferers.

They have to think twice before engaging in any physical activity for fear of triggering their muscular pains.

Using arnica massage balm benefits those with chronic and occasional muscle inflammations alike by soothing pain and reducing swelling.

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