ADONIS Infertility Treatment in Ukraine

There are different options for treating infertility which include IVF technologies or Surrogacy treatment. Qualitative diagnosis and consultation will help you to make the right decision and begin the new life of happy parenting.

ADONIS Fertility International is the world known medical establishment with more than 23 years of experience. Our technological basis and treatment processes are carried out in Kyiv, Ukraine, while there is a special proposal for our clients from the USA and Canada to have full informational support in ADONIS Fertility International LLC (North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group). 

There is no difference from which country you are, the highest quality medicine has no borders -ADONIS clinic will provide the best infertility treatment services for everyone from any point of the world. 

The main advantages to start ADONIS Surrogacy Infertility treatment from abroad (for our clients from the USA and Canada):

  • Awareness

Awareness-raising is really important for successful treatment. Every patient of ADONIS Fertility International is provided with a personal coordinator who is ready to help 24/7 in any matter. The North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group is your support, coordination center and accountability system throughout the process. 

  • Citizenship

Ukraine has the best parental rights establishment for Intended parents, your baby will have the USA citizenship. The exit process through the US Embassy in Ukraine is convenient and clear, especially with the help of ADONIS ‘own Legal Department. 

  • Safety of payments

With ADONIS Fertility International services there are no international wires and cash-only payments system when you travel overseas with a huge amount of money. We ensure the highest level of credibility to our clients, all payments are made to a United States Bank, using bill pay, checks or other suitable methods.

  • Convenient Medical Financing

ADONIS clinic has a partnership with United Medical Credit which will provide the flexible financing of up to 35 000$ for every patient of ADONIS Fertility International. With the free application you will get an approval immediately. 

  • Surrogate qualitative selection 

ADONIS ‘own Donor base ensures the best selection of Surrogate mothers candidates with obligate examinations, perfect health (both physical and mental). We take into account all your wishes and preferences, without doubt. 

  • Complete legality of the process

Surrogacy infertility treatment in Ukraine is completely legal process, where Ukrainian legislation protects the rights of the intended parents – ADONIS own Legal Department ensures support with documentation settlement

during the whole process.

ADONIS Ukraine is the best choice especially when comparing with the Surrogacy Infertility treatments abroad (both for cost, quality and safety reasons). The newest technology usage with all round support helps to reach the best results and make your dream of parenting a reality.

Come to ADONIS clinics, have a special consultation from the North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group and may your future be healthy and happy.