Adeptus Environmental Consultants

Adeptus Environmental Consultants are a small but highly competent group based in Manchester in the North-West of England and they are specialists in advising on important technical and regulatory issues related to pollution, risk, sustainability and efficiency.

Adeptus offer many services, which include: Land Contamination Reports, Flood Risk Assessments, Contaminated Land Risk Assessments, Remediation Design and Supervision, Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Auditing, Due Diligence and Compliance.

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If you have a project that requires any of the above services, then Adeptus should be your first port of call.  Not only do they have a great team of professionals that are fully qualified to assist you, but they also aim to deliver the best value for money that you can get by remaining close to their core competencies and by remaining lean, efficient and responsive.  They always aim to provide productive outcomes to their clients.

Let’s look at what they offer in a little bit more detail:

Environmental Reports

Environmental reports can be required for a number of reasons including for a submission for a planning application or in the discharge of planning conditions to name just two.  The environmental reports that Adeptus provides are of such high quality that they are relied upon by a range of professionals including property advisers, owners, vendors, purchasers and developers to name just a few.

Environmental reports that Adeptus can provide for you include:

Land Contamination

  • Phase 1 Desktop Studies
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation Reporting (Quantitative Risk Assessment)
  • Phase 3 – Remedial Options Appraisal
  • Phase 4 – Remediation Verification Reports

Flood Risk

  • Level 1 Flood Risk Assessment – Screening Study
  • Level 2 Flood Risk Assessment – Scoping Study
  • Level 3 Flood Risk Assessment – Detailed Study


  • Ground Stability Reports

Contaminated Land Remediation and Project Management

If you are in need of a service to deal with contaminated land that you need to find a strategy for to reduce the potential risks, then Adeptus will be able to offer you the following on a project management basis:

  • Phase 1 Site Assessment (contaminated land search)
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation (intrusive sampling); Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Phase 3 Remediation – Options Appraisal (remediation strategy development); Implementation; Monitoring and Supervision
  • Phase 4 Verification (reporting and sign-off)


Environmental Consultancy

Adeptus offer a wide range of Environmental Consultancy and Management Services including:

Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14001 Certification and Assessment
Environmental Auditing
Waste and Resource Management
Permit Applications and Exemptions
Environmental Monitoring and Sampling
Environmental Compliance

Through using any of these services you can help yourself with operating more sustainably, minimising waste, mitigate environmental risks and much more.

If you would like further information on anything discussed throughout this post then feel free to contact the professionals at Adeptus Environmental Consulatants.  All of their contact details can be found by logging on to where you can find all of ways to get in touch.

It is worth noting that although Adeptus are based in the North-West of England, they offer a UK wide coverage, so nothing is out of reach.