A Plant Additive Like No Other: Direct Output Dissolved Oxygen 

Dissolved Oxygen by Direct Output is a growing additive that increases plant growth like no other. This product provides the oxygen and vitamins your plant wants and needs to grow healthy, strong, and fast.

D=O is a pH balance buffer, to be used in all growing mediums and at all stages of growth. D=O Dissolved Oxygen is completely organic and serves as a bud and bloom booster. Oxygen is required to transmit nutrients across the cell wall of plants and roots so by using this bloom fertilizer, plants experience heightened growth rates due to the added oxygen.

As mentioned in “Gifts for the growers in your life even if it’s you” article published by HighTimes,

“Experienced growers know the value of dissolved oxygen for explosive growth rates. The new first-of-its-kind D=O Dissolved Oxygen is a concentrated non-peroxide liquid form of oxygen that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and pet-safe. You can use it as a foliar feed or add directly to your reservoir or nutrient solution soil drench for a huge increase in essential oil production. It even shortens the rooting times of clones!”

D=O Dissolved Oxygen solution is amongst the top rated in their agricultural field. For those that produce crops of some sort, should test a sample of their product in comparison to the other flower enhancers you see on the market today.

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