5 Landscape Designs Every New Sydney Home Must Consider 

Landscape designs in Sydney keep changing with landscape designers becoming more creative with each new home. New trendy designs with every new home developed has seen the growth of Sydney landscapers in the last year.

A landscape designer in Sydney can set a house on site, connect it with the environment and create a welcoming exterior to the home.

They make the most of your outdoor space bringing your ideas to life. Landscape designers can design and plan gardens, swimming pools, paving and decking and many more. In Sydney more homes are becoming a creative haven, going with the trends in landscape designs.

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Here are five landscape design trends that can easily be incorporated into your home, giving it ambience.

Backyards designs 

It’s no longer old fashioned to have your own organic kitchen garden, it’s become one of the trend setting landscape designs. To achieve this you need a landscape designer to design easy garden features easy to maintain and sustainable. For easy maintenance, Sydney landscapers are using removable features for easy repair and replacement.

Indoor adventures 

It is rare to find vines creep the wall of a well structured lounge but it’s a growing landscape trend in Sydney. With more new homes in Sydney turning their courtyards and backyards into outdoor lounges and dining areas. With less foliage the outdoor space is easy to maintain, Sydney landscapers spruce it up with outdoor fireplaces and lighting fixtures. Trendy furniture set outside with proper fabrics that are waterproof fade resistant creates a delightful living space.

Water features 

A trend that is water features taking over landscape designer’s creativity to the next level. With more people appreciating how the sound of water helps create a relaxing ambience in the garden. Easily customized to fit your budget water features such as fish ponds and water plants give your garden that earthy look. As a new home owner you can decide on a portable fountain or a high end water wall to give it that exciting effect.

Sustainable designs 

Setting the trend in the Hills district new sustainable landscape designs have become a norm. Low maintenance designed gardens, drought-tolerant plants, less turf grass and evergreen foliage. New homes in Sydney are considering popular economic and environmental reasons with less maintenance in time and effort. Landscape designers use paving of lawns which are easily replaced are of low cost and easily maintained.

Vertical gardens 

Smaller spaces can be lit with vertical gardens, to either cover unsightly brickwork or concrete walls. It can conveniently be set up and easy to maintain, you can look for something simple such as out creepers and hanging baskets. Alternatively landscape designers can use modular systems typically boast of complex hydroponics which takes the fuss out of maintenance.

Landscape designs in Sydney continue to change with landscapers going the extra mile to make spaces attractive. If you are still looking for amazing landscape designs for your home these new trends will pique your idea and perfect it in your garden.