3 Eco-Friendly Marketing Ideas – Get Promoted While Keeping the Earth Clean

Whatever your business, whatever your niche, you have to promote what you are doing no matter what. Without promotion, there will be no sales, and without sales, there is no profit, and this is true for every business out there. However, not all marketing practices are green, and it is fairly known that business owners don’t really care much about eco-friendliness, as long as the campaign does its job and brings more sales.

However, since we are entering 2017 and the need for eco-friendliness has never been more evident, I will present you with some ideas that will help you cut down on environmental pollution, while still yielding the desired results.

Start a corporate blog3

Everything that you will see here is done online. That is the only way in which we can be sure to utilize anything that might pollute the environment we live in. For starters, I will advise you to start a blog on your business’ official website. This will help you in multiple ways.

Firstly, it will enable you to reach out to your customers with more ease. Secondly, you can keep them regularly updated on the news in your field, as well as on the news regarding your company. Thirdly, every Internet marketing specialist will tell you that a blog is the starting point for any campaign. Google likes when it sees that a website also has a blog and it has become regular practice for web-developers to put a blog section when designing a website.

So, if you don’t have one yet, talk to your web-developer and see to it that you get a blog on your webpage.

Go for online marketing

Like I said, a blog is only the starting point of an online marketing campaign. The rest is slightly more complicated, but extremely useful, nevertheless. When was the last time you went for an ad to help you decide what you were going to do? And when was the last time you searched for it on Google? Exactly.

People have become so used to the fact that the Internet is everywhere that we have forgotten about how things used to be. Online marketing is the future (if it hasn’t already become dominant).

Doing online marketing is something that is better left to the professionals. Between the AMPs, SERPs, SMMs, and a lot of other abbreviations, one can easily get confused. Online marketing is usually done as a whole package by an SEO company, since there are many factors influencing rankings on a search engine.

You can find ways online to compare the best SEO companies, and I highly recommend that you do so, and hire one as soon as possible. SEO takes some time to yield results, but when it does, you’ll be more than glad you gave it a shot.

Use e-mail newsletters

E-mails are probably the cheapest form of advertising. Everyone uses e-mails. But, the better thing about them is that they are free. It costs you, or anyone else, nothing to send an e-mail to another person. Of course, if you hire someone to do it for you, it might cost something, but the price of email marketing compared to direct mail marketing is simply ridiculous. Also, imagine if you had to put that newsletter in a direct mail form? Pages and pages of it would have to be printed and sent out, only to end-up in the trash-can, probably not even read by the person it was intended for.

Bonus: Get rid of paper as much as you can

The thing about online marketing is that it does not use paper or any other physical kind of carrier for your message. This means that there is less pollution from the very beginning. In order to keep up with this, try to use as little paper as possible, and only for the necessary stuff, like business cards, which are not as effective online.

Also, try to use alternative methods of communication, like Internet faxing, which is really starting to take up with people, being that it is eco-friendly, efficient and much, much cheaper. The nature will love you if you do all this.