Why Solar Is The Best Energy Solution

Everyone knows that the world needs to find alternatives to dirty, damaging, and non-renewable energy sources. Hydroelectricity has long been used and can indeed be very effective – with the problem that it is considerably limited in terms of geography. Bio-diesel and non-fossil natural gases can also have a significant part to play in a greener future – but solar energy is without question the best overall energy solution for a greener future. Here are some of the most significant reasons why solar energy is set to become one of the most essential energy sources in the coming years.

1) Solar Power Is Great For The Environment

Solar is clean, renewable, and a fantastic way for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. It uses no other resources (besides a water source) and does not produce any greenhouse gasses whatsoever. Modern panels are designed using almost entirely environmentally sound materials and are much more durable and long-lasting compared to previous generations. A good quality installation requires minimum upkeep and should continue to be productive well beyond the standard 25-year guarantee. For cleanliness and reliability alone nothing beats solar as an energy resource.

2) Solar Panels Can Be Placed Practically Anywhere

Chances are you’ll have noticed how common solar panels have become on residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial properties over recent years. Some countries have even taken to attaching them to community structures to help power community services. Solar panels are highly effective in most climates and actually work even better in temperate/less warm parts of the world. As they do not require pipelines or polluting industries to extract the energy they are ideal for keeping down infrastructure costs/upkeep. For practicality and flexibility solar is once again the best way to go.

3) Solar Energy Is ‘Free’

In simple economic terms, the sun is by far our most reliable and consistent source of energy. It generates far more potential power than we’ll ever need to harvest and should still keep burning for several billion more years to come! Nobody could possibly argue against the fact that it offers the best long term solution to global energy needs. When huge parts of the world remain empty – and are often located in regions that offer ideal locations for solar farms – opting to go solar is as straightforward a decision as it gets.

4) Harnessing Solar Energy Is Only Becoming Better

Do a little research and you’ll discover that many of the world’s leading companies (many with existing links to the energy sector) are investing billions towards improving solar panels and thermal harnessing technologies. Some of the prototypes being worked on at the moment may not be likely to come to market for another decade or two – but should be capable of offering many times more harnessing capability. Taking up solar panels now will help set a good precedent towards adapting to these technologies as they are released. Modern panels at the moment are many times more powerful than those released just ten years ago – so in terms of productivity alone, the future of solar power is very bright indeed.

5) Solar Enhances Energy Awareness & Cuts Waste

Once fortunate ‘side-effect’ of Installing solar power is that they tend to make people far more energy aware. Once you have an actual connection to the energy you use rather than just keeping up with your invoiced bills you’ll pay much more attention to how it is used. Plenty of the best solar companies offer complimentary energy assessments and advice regarding use and wastage. It is well worth taking this on board and seeing how small changes can make an enormous difference (and handily save money at the same time).

Final Thoughts

These are just five of the best reasons why solar is the best long term solution to the world’s energy issues. Solar is an incredibly useful resource that is set to become ever more important in the coming years as we veer away from incredibly damaging and polluting energy resources. Having a degree of independence and responsibility for your energy consumption is actually a fantastic thing – and one of the most commonly mentioned advantages quoted by those who have already opted to go solar. Solar is here to stay and set to become better and better – so do your bit for the environment, save some money, and look at how best to install your own panels today.