Understanding the Fee Structure: MBBS Program Costs in Poland for Indian Students 2024-25

Looking to study abroad? But confused about which country to choose where you can get a high-quality international education at affordable rates. Then, MBBS in Poland is an excellent option for you. Every year, more than approx 1000 medical students select Poland to pursue their MBBS studies. Moreover, medical universities in Poland, like Poznan University of Medical Sciences and Medical University of Silesia, offer international education standards to create a robust educational system for future doctors. In Poland, MBBS takes 6 years to complete, with 5 years of theoretical instruction and 1 year of internships. 

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Why Study MBBS in Poland?

The NMC approves all medical colleges in Poland. As a result, Indian students who complete their medical studies in Poland can practice in India. However, in India, doctors must undergo NMC screening before practising. Below are some points of why one should consider pursuing medical studies in Poland.

  • Since 2010, Poland has become a popular destination for Indian students looking to study medicine.
  • The admission process to study medicine in Poland is simple and straightforward.
  • MBBS in Poland for indian students fees is relatively low.
  • Over the last five years, approximately more than 7,000 students have visited Poland to pursue MBBS.
  • Poland’s medical colleges and universities are internationally known.
  • Studying medicine in Poland ensures that your degree will be recognised worldwide.
  • MBBS in Poland exposes medical students to the global standard of practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Safety is a vital element. Poland is a safe place for Indian students.

MBBS in Poland: An Overview 

Recognition  NMC & WHO
NEET requirement Yes 
Course duration 6 years
Cost of living  Approx. 350 Euros/Month
Medium of teaching English
Top MBBS colleges  Medical University of Silesia

Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be at least 17 years old to apply for Poland.
  • Students must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board of education.
  • In the case of privately educated medical students, they can be admitted to Polish medical universities. However, they cannot apply for the NMC Screening Test.
  • Students in the general category must achieve 50%, while SC/ST/OBC applicants must score 40% in 12th grade.
  • Physics, chemistry, and biology (PCB) must be the primary subjects for both student groups.
  • To gain admission to an MBBS program in Poland, Indian applicants must pass the NEET examination.

Documents Required


  • Students must have passed 10th and 12th standards.
  • Students should have a valid birth certificate.
  • A valid passport and visa are required of the student.
  • Certificate of conduct.
  • Medical fit certificate.
  • You are required to have health and travel insurance.
  • A transfer certificate (TC) from the school the candidate last attended is required.

MBBS in Poland for indian Students Fees of Top Colleges 

Medical universities in Poland provide an outstanding opportunity for international medical students to obtain an MBBS degree. One of the primary reasons why Poland’s MBBS programme is so well-known around the world is its unparalleled educational excellence. Poland is recognised as one of the most advanced European countries for international students interested in pursuing an MBBS at Polish medical universities.









Medical University of Silesia INR 6,09,000/- INR 84,000/-  USD 8,700 USD 1,200
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 4,90,000 Rupees/yr. INR 84,000/-  USD 7,000 USD 1,200

About Poland 

Poland is a country in Central Europe with a population of around 38 million. Warsaw is the capital and biggest city. Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and is a member of the Schengen Area. The country’s landscapes are diversified, including the Baltic Sea shoreline, the Tatra Mountains, and several lakes and woods. The Vistula and Oder rivers are among the most significant. Poland’s official language is Polish, and the country boasts a rich cultural legacy, including multiple UNESCO World Legacy Sites.

To Summarize 

MBBS in Poland for Indian students fees is considerable when compared to its other neighbouring nations. The country offers international education with its technologically advanced classrooms and practical exposure as well. Indian students who want to study abroad can look for Poland as the country is safe and does not require IELTS/TOEFL exams, so students from India can easily apply to top universities like the Medical University of Silesia and Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland. The complete course duration in these medical colleges is 6 years. Additionally, the cost of living is fair in comparison to other European nations. Besides this, students will get to know about European culture. Opting for Poland to study MBBS abroad is an excellent choice to embark on your career in medicine.