Top 3 LED Strip Lights Projects

When designing the interior of your house, it is important to pay special attention to lights because the correct lighting can completely change the outlook of a house. Interior designers plan the position of lights to bring out the best features of a room. However, not many people can afford to spend a fortune on professional services but that doesn’t mean they have to live in a drab and dull house forever. You can transform your house by doing some DIY projects.

Lightning was very expensive in the past as conventional bulbs consumed too much energy but nowadays, majority of the people use LED lighting because they are inexpensive as well as consume very little energy. You don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars as electricity bills if you use LED lights. That’s why the following lighting projects are perfect for you if you want to improve the interior of your house at a low price. You can do these projects yourself or hire a professional company by clicking on these LED strip lights Link or LED lighting link . These projects use LED strip lights so consider them carefully before buying.

Under Kitchen Cabinets

It is important to have proper lighting in the kitchen because people spend most of their time in this room. Kitchen is the heart of any home and should have a warm and inviting atmosphere. Setting up LED strip lights under the kitchen cabinets can accomplish this effect. LED strip lights are customizable and easy to install. You can cut up the strip of the light according to the length of the cabinets and attach this light strip with glue. Make sure the LED strip light has golden tones for warm effects. You can also set up LED lights over and in the cabinet for increased effects.

Accent Lighting in Bedrooms

LED strip lights are the best way to add accents in your bedroom. The most prominent way is to set up LED lights around the bed itself. You can choose funky colors for a fun outlook and neutral tones for a more trendy look. LED strip lights are customizable so you can easily change them according to the effect you want. You can also add accents in your bedroom by setting up LED lights around the vanity table. Additional lights increases the visibility as well which is helpful while applying makeup.

Entertainment Center

You can also use LED strip lights to hype up your entertainment. Creating an entertainment center where you can watch movies or paly games to your heart’s content is a better idea than simply turning on the TV and boringly lazing around on the sofa. You can set up warm or neon colored LED lights around the TV screen to create special effects which will allow you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Installing LED lights in the corners of the room is also a good way of adding accents for horror movies when the room is completely dark.