Three Popular After Market Home Heating Upgrades

You probably bought your house because you wanted a safe and stable place to raise a family.  While you made a lot of early decisions about the number of rooms and bathrooms and about the kitchen and utility room appliances, you may come to find that you want to install some after-market upgrades once you get settled in. Here are few popular upgrades options.



Many heating and cooling companies can also help you install specialty systems, like gas barbecue lines, for example.  Whether you want to add a gas grill station in your kitchen or you are looking to install a state-of-the-art patio with outdoor barbecue, starting with the installation of custom gas barbecue lines, grills, ranges, and other cookout accessories, could be just the thing to make your home gatherings and family meals all the more convenient; and therefore all the more fun too.


Something that many homeowners overlook are garage heaters.  Of course, if you live in an extremely cold climate then you may be aware of the importance of these machines, but if you are not aware, these heaters can make it much easier to leave your home on very cold winter mornings.  Most vented garage heaters can quietly and efficiently heat 2- to 3-car garages; and with low profile cabinetry you can also be certain they won’t get in the way of your vehicles, workstations, storage, cabinets, and other things in you keep or use in your garage.

If, by chance, you do use your garage more as a workstation than for car storage, you may also like to know that some garage heaters come with a separate combustion chamber. These are best suited for wood projects that utilize spray finishes because they warm the air outside and then pump it in, as opposed to heating the dusty, chemically-rich air inside your garage workstation.


If you own a pool, too, you may also like to know that Eco Furnace Air Climatisation Ottawa can install a pool heating system for you.  In most parts of the United States, a pool can only be used for a few hot months of the year.  Still, there are probably another few months where the weather is ideal but the temperature is not.  Pool heaters, then, can help homeowners get more out of this expensive (and, honestly, rarely-used) investment.