The HVAC System And Its 3 Main Components

The abbreviation HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The HVAC equipments stand for supplying all the air and temperature related functions. HVAC system helps you in forming a regulatory system that will help you get rid of different controllers you require to maintain or regulate the temperature within your house or company. There are many HVAC service providers such as blackhawk supply that help in the efficient functioning of this system with the help of their trained and skilled technicians or professionals.

The following are the 3 main components of the HVAC system:

  1. Heating Process

Heating is done with the help of a boiler or furnace in residential properties. This system includes piping work that delivers heat with the help of some fluid and/or duct work for forced air pressure. This heating process is connected to the water of the house and the warm water derived out of it for bathing purposes can be supplied from the same equipment supplying fluid for radiators. The whole process is efficiently managed by HVAC system controls. There are professionals who set up programmable device such as thermostat in your house or company that helps to regulate the heat within your room.

  1. Ventilation Process

Ventilation is normally natural or forced, depending on the requirement. Forced ventilation processes are used to clean the air that is supplied to your house or company naturally. Natural ventilation has a limited application particularly in warm and humid environment. HVAC professionals from many service providers such as the blackhawk supply set up this process in a very professional way so you can make the best use of the ventilation systems.

  1. Air-Conditioning Process

The last component of the HVAC system is the air-conditioning. This process is the reciprocation of the heating process. In this process, heat is removed from your house or company. Furnace is not of good use here definitely for obvious reasons. Yes, you can definitely combine the functions of the air-conditioner with the furnace. Heat pumps can carry out both the processes, heating and cooling. If your calibration is right, you don’t actually need a back-up system to make this function work effectively.