Solar Power System- A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most famous solar power systems at home is the PV – photovoltaic panels which convert solar energy into electricity. These PV panels are usually mounted over the roof to face the sunlight.

Before you decide, to get a PV panel installed at home, it is good to know some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Solar system

Some of the major advantages of solar power panels are:

  • Electricity generation is free of cost – The sun acts as the power of source to generate electricity for all your home appliances and utilities. This, in turn, saves a fortune on the electricity bills. If your home is facilitated with net metering, any extra electricity can be directed to the network and sold to the utility on credit.
  • Completely safe – Solar power is entirely produced by the sunlight and hence, does not possess any harmful emissions. This also minimises the home’s carbon footprint.
  • No dependency – The main advantage of solar power panels is that it is completely dependent on sunlight. This diminishes the dependency on the utilities or the electric power grid.
  • Renewable energy has its own set of perks – Government appreciates the use of renewable energy and hence, offers tax benefits, rebates and discounts on the installation of solar power resources.

Buying Solar System – Things You Should Know

Please keep the below things in mind while buying a solar system

Seasonal changes affect the sunlight – Sunlight gets hampered during the rainy season and winter season. Even during summers, the sun gets blocked under clouds. Some places are located amidst tall trees and buildings, which can hinder the flow of sunlight. It is only during the daytime, the solar power generates electricity. Extremely high temperatures can also affect the PV panel’s performance. All these may result in less effectiveness of solar power panels.

Slightly higher installation cost – Solar power system is a onetime investment on the whole. Hence, it comes with a high installation price. However, depending on the locality, size of the home and its main intent of use – the cost can vary. But this indeed is small time investment.

Needs proper Setup – If the solar system is for a new house, it can be easier to plan and execute the installation. But, if it is for an already built house, it might need some reconfigurations with respect to an already existing power system. It may also need alterations to the existing infrastructure of home – small tweaks to the roof where the PV panels need to be installed. Thus, the final price can include all these modifications.

Solar MaintenanceSolar Maintenance is extremely important to maintain the solar power system to retain its efficiency. Because the solar panel is located on the roof it is more prone to attract dirt, birds waste and debris. As a result of this, it is good to go for regular and periodic cleaning to remove all the accumulated grime and waste. In cases of the severe storm or other natural disasters, it is best to seek professional help. They can help you fix any damages right away. The best thing about solar power panels is – it comes with the low maintenance costs.