Pest control measures for commercial buildings

Commercial buildings face various difficulties by the pest’s infections because of common sharing working area, toilets, and food courts. Even a small pest problem may rapidly become a larger issue and cause major risks.

Pests present in the common work area arises crucial distribution to the workers and it causes headaches to the building owners and business owners.

The pests found in lobby and toilet area crawling into the working areas and cause damage to the building products and electrical wires.

Common Pest issues 

  • Rats and mice are the high rated issue facing in commercial buildings.  These pests enter your block depending on the location of other affected buildings. A property owner should take necessary control measures to decrease the problems created by the rodents.
  • The small cracks in the pipeline makes a way to the pest like spiders and ants. The spider creates spark of fear among the working people and sometimes your customer got disturbed.
  • Some infects cause due to waste food and ripped fruits thrown by the working employs or by the people from the other buildings.
  • Common flies that makes nuisance in commercial buildings and it makes bad impression about your business place among the customers or regular visitors.
  • Some pests cause dangerous viral infection to the working people and to customers, this ends with the loss of productivity in your business.
  • Even the working people also became the transmitter for pests to the commercial buildings. While coming for work from home , some pests flows unknowingly with their things or in a car and spread in the commercial blocks


 Spot the entry location

  • No one prefer the pest entry to the commercial buildings, always keep your working area clean to get rid of pests
  • The most common spots are outdoor lighting. Pests are easily gets attracted to the lights. So, make sure to switch of the outdoor lights on night time to reduce the presence of pests.
  • Keep cleaning trashes in all cabins to keep way the pests from the commercial buildings. Even the decayed food smell in trash attracts the pests.
  • Regularly clean the dining area, commercial buildings mostly have common dining, make sure to clean the dining area after every meal to avoid small files problems.
  • Bathrooms, the most important place to consider in cleaning. Clear out all drains and debris and always keep your bathroom and toilet area clean to avoid the spreading of pests in bathroom area .

Outdoor maintenance

  • Keep cleaning fencing area to avoid the entry of reptiles and rodents.
  • Check the outdoor garbage area regularly
  • Trim your outdoor plants in a routine basis, because some pests make nest on the plants and leaves. Regular trimming keeps bugs away from your commercial blocks.
  • Change the outdoor lights colour to yellow to avoid some pests infect during the night hours
  • Keep lawns height to the basement area. Never allow it to overgrow, the you couldn’t able to inspect the presence of pests on lawn side. These pests make a entry easily in to the commercial building.

The best way to fight with pests is to do the inspection regularly and meet with other commercial building owners and get/ spread  the awareness about the pest control measures . Or you can get in touch with the best pest controllers in London like Pest Exterminators.