Keeping Confidential Waste Strictly Confidential

When wanting to destroy documents that are no longer of use but still contain personal information, it is vital that this is done in a secure manner, especially in the age that we live in. it is now easier than ever for someone to commit fraud and identity theft due to the rise in technology. This means that it is more important these days to make sure, for peace of mind at least, that your documents are destroyed safely and by trusted professionals.

I’m sure everyone has owned a paper shredder at home or work, it’s just easier right? The joy of the children faces when you shred some work documents that are no longer needed is a strange experience. However, you are not entirely sure by using this method that confidential information is out of view. This would be perfect for a fraudster who is able to access this information and hijack your details (it’s easier than it looks these days!) Whereas confidential waste businesses such as Doxbond Cambridge are dedicated to providing quick and efficient disposal of such information, so there is much less risk of yours, or anyone else’s details being exposed.2

The desks and filing cabinets in the office can get pretty stacked at the best of times, so when you are waiting around to destroy unneeded information, this can be a pain to deal with. There is a prompt service which means that this should only be the case for a matter of days. There can also be times when there are a lot of documents that need to be disposed of, perhaps this is due to the closure of a business for example. Any load of information can be collected from your office whether this be 1 stack or 100, which means that the documents can be collected quickly, and taken off your hands to allow ultimate customer satisfaction.

It is actually a law for companies to dispose of confidential material separate from their normal waste, this shows that the UK Law Enforcement realises that there is a high percentage of a fraud crime being committed if the information is irresponsibly dispose of. If this is indeed the case, the company in question could potentially be fined up to half a million pounds.

Disposing of confidential waste can be an issue that the business takes great care in therefore most of the time they will make the right decision in picking the right confidential waste business. The professional workforce of Doxbond Cambridge ensure that the job is done with the upmost professionalism and efficiency. Once your confidential documents have been disposed of, you will be sent a certificate of destruction so that there is no doubt in your mind that the job has been done to a sufficient standard.

Upon disposing of your confidential material, your mind will be at rest and you can carry on with your everyday lives, but a matter such as this has to be dealt with serious consideration.