How to safely dispose of Oil from your Commercial Workshop

All types of oil are classified as hazardous waste and are required to be stored and disposed of safely. However, there is more concern over the potential dangers of industrial oil from workshops than cooking oil from restaurants. The oil drained from engines is known to be particularly carcinogenic and should be kept secure until collected by a registered waste carrier.

Mineral Oil

Petroleum based oils are known as mineral oils and any wastage is considered harmful to health and the environment if they are not collected and disposed of according to the regulations issued by the government. Typical mineral oils that are found in workshops that repair cars or undertake light engineering usually include:

  • Fuel such as diesel or petrol
  • Electrical insulation oil
  • Lubricants
  • Gearbox oil

Safe Storage

It is the responsibility of every workshop proprietor to ensure that any mineral oils and other hazardous liquids such as brake fluids are stored securely on their premises. Mineral oils that are in use must be secured in leak-proof containers that are able to withstand damage from floods or intruders. Any resulting waste oils must be kept in similar containers ready for collection by an appropriate waste carrier. Suitable storage containers include metal drums and vats made from either concrete or brick which must be in an area that can be locked. Small containers of oil can be stored in lockable metal cupboards.

Recycling waste Oils

Even waste mineral oils have a monetary value. Oil wastage is processed to separate the different elements it contains. Almost every part of the oil can be recycled and put to further use. Storing waste mineral oils in preparation for a regular collection is financially and ecologically beneficial.

Registered Waste Carriers

When arranging for a company to collect waste oil, it’s also the proprietor’s duty to ensure that a waste carrier is properly registered to transport hazardous substances. Each waste carrier is issued with a licence. A proprietor must always sign a note for the transportation of waste oil whenever a batch is collected. Safe transportation is essential as mineral oils are inflammable. Oates Environmental are registered carriers who specialise in the transportation and safe disposal of hazardous waste oils.