How to Choose Solar Companies for Solar System Installations?

Don’t just go on referrals, research solar companies to find one that’s right for you.

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We received 500+ inquiries everyday and discuss with solar customers. In this blog, we have our personal experience that are facing solar buyers to find right solar companies.                                              

Rohit, 32, a big fan of solar power, he lives in Delhi, India. But he knows the only little bit about solar. So he started about searching solar companies and solar installer denver co for almost two years. He says,” if you have a south-facing roof, it’s a no-brainer”.

During his research for two years, he met around half dozen solar companies for solar installation and solar financing, but he couldn’t get a satisfactory answer as he found solar panels per watt was expensive, solar financing was not easily available, also solar installation fort myers fl was a big challenge due to low budget.

He found, “There are 8 steps to find a good solar company”

  1. Know the reviews of the Companies
  2. Is Company’s product MNRE approved?
  3. Who will install the solar product at home?
  4. What kind of warranty do the companies will offer?
  5. Most companies tell me a site visit before sharing pricing, Do I need to do it?
  6. How would I get financing of solar
  7. Will the company provide me subsidy and net metering facility?

So how do you choose the right solar company? Here are the key factors to consider:

Step – 1: Know The Reviews of the Companies

Before you even look around for solar companies, first and foremost to know the reviews of these companies through online or companies doing the solar installation in the nearby area. It gives confidence about the quality of work and also about the kind of product they are installing.

Step – 2: Is Company’s Product MNRE approved?

MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) approves the product and companies who can manufacture and Installs solar products, If the product is approved, you get eligibility for government subsidy and also you get net metering after inspections from Government.

Step – 3: Who will install the Solar Products at Home?

As we are at the beginning of solar power revolutions, enough technician and solar installers are not available in the market, everyone is learning in this stage. Therefore, it is important to find solar installer after many validations.

Step – 4: What kind of warranty do the companies will offer?

Solar Inverter, Solar Panels, and Solar Batteries are covered under manufacturer warranty, as per Industry standards, however, the warranty for product installations, man work is another story. Some firms will give you a warranty for one year another will give you for six months only

Step – 5: Most Companies tell me a site visit before sharing pricing, do I need to do it?

Yes, we would recommend doing that as each rooftop is different in terms of size and dimension, therefore, once installer visits your site, they get clarity about the south-facing area, shading on the rooftop, or any roadblock during installations.

Step – 6: How would I get financing of solar

As we know that solar products are expensive and for the normal customer it is out of their reach as the minimum 1kw system starts at Rs. 1 lacs only. So it can be affordable if solar financing is easily available, there are many financing companies available in the market who give finance on appliances such AC, refrigerators etc. but still financing on solar not available everywhere.

As Industry is evolving, the finance company will show excitement as growth increases, at present these companies offering solar finance at 12-18% interest which is really high.

Step – 7: Does the company will provide me subsidy and net metering facility?

Central and State Governments are more focused towards clean energy and they have set a target for 40GW solar rooftop by Fy2022. It is an aspirational target and to achieve this no Government is offering subsidy up to 30% to residential buyers, farmers etc. But it is a tedious process to get this subsidy and usually, it takes 3 to 6months to get it in your bank accounts. Besides, For net metering, you should have your own property or authorization from your landlord if you are using the rented property for solar rooftop installations.


It is important to know the answer of basic questions so during installations and after completion of your project, there should not be any confusion about your expectation and delivery of product from solar companies. It should be well document agreement and always ensure to make full payment on work completion.