Here Are Some Ways To Ensure That Your Trees Are Healthy 


 If you enjoy planting trees then you are fully aware that sometimes trees need some intervention in order to remain healthy. There are several activities that professionals carry out regularly to ensure that trees remain robust. These include tree trimming, soil analysis as well as the assessment of the bark and the area around the roots.  If a tree is very weak and diseased then the last resort is usually tree removal.

 The following are some ways in which you can ensure that your trees remain in a state of good health

  • Ensure that the roots are healthy

 Focus carefully on the roots of the tree. If the roots are healthy then you will have a healthy tree. Ensure that the roots are protected and not disturbed as they grow deep into the soil which should also be good, nutritious soil.

  • Protect the trunk of the tree

 In order to keep a tree healthy, the trunk of the tree should be protected from both decayed and entwined branches. If the trunk is damaged, then the whole tree may also get damaged and this could lead to tree removal.  Therefore it is important to fully protect the trunk of the tree so as to keep it healthy.

  • Give sufficient water

 Most trees tend to remain healthy when there is enough rainfall, however during times of drought it is necessary to give the tree sufficient water so as to prevent it from drying up completely.  The best way to water the tree is to give plenty of water occasionally rather than giving small amounts often. This will keep the tree healthy even during seasons of drought.

  • Regular trimming and pruning 

 Tree trimming and pruning is one important aspect of keeping a tree healthy.  If there are any branches on the tree that have not grown properly or that are infested with pests then these should be pruned away professionally so that the tree remains healthy. 

  • Have healthy soil

 The type of soil where the tree is planted will also contribute to the health of the tree. Ensure that the soil has enough nutrients and that it is a good texture. Once the tree has been planted, it is also advisable to put some mulch around the tree.  This mulch can be made up of fallen leaves or decayed plant material. It will help the soil to remain healthy, which will in turn give you a healthy tree.

 If you consistently implement the above tips, you will enjoy the benefit of having healthy trees over a long period of time.