EXERGY’s Latest Success – New Contract in Turkey

One of the leading companies in the field of geothermal power development, the Italian EXERGY, has continued its growth on a global scale, namely in Turkey. Their latest success involves a contract for the supply of a 24 MWe ORC power plant signed with the Turkish company Bestepeler Enerji Üretim Ticaret A.s.

The renewable energy sector employed 8.1 million people, directly or indirectly, in 2015. In addition, large hydropower accounted for another 1.3 million direct jobs in 20151. Renewable energy markets and employment continued to be shaped by favourable policy frameworks in several countries, regional shifts in deployment and increased labour productivity. For the second year in a row, the global top-ten in job creation includes four countries in Asia. The continent’s

share of total renewable energy employment reached 60% in 2016, up from 51% in 2013. African countries also witnessed an increase, with a conservative estimate of 61,0007 jobs in 2016 as new projects came online

EXERGY (exergy-orc.com) is  known for designing and manufacturing ORC or Organic Rankine Cycle systems, which are based on the innovative technology called Radial Outflow Turbine. Their equipment  are what allows geothermal developers and companies to operate using geothermal energy,. EXERGY has been cooperating with countries from all over the world, including those from North and South America, and Asia. The company has been in business with Bestepeler Enerji since they first signed a contract in 2015. Now they have been hired to supply a geothermal ORC plant  of  24 MWe.

Both EXERGY and Bestepeler Enerji will participate in this project, and the client  will  take full advantage of the benefits Turkish companies receive for everything that is made in Turkey. This means that the equipment necessary for the completion of the project will all be manufactured in the EXERGY’s workshop located in Izmir, Turkey.  The EXERGY’s workshop that has been operating for the past two yearshas managed to produce 20 turbines for Turkish companies. If this counts as an indicator of the future success of the cooperation between Italy and Turkey, it could be said that the results of their latest project won’t fail to amaze.

One of the most important men in EXERGY’s ranks, the CEO Claudio Spadacini, has made a statement regarding the latest developments. He says that the renewed contract cements the company’s position in the market and strengthens its cooperation with Turkey., EXERGY is currently in the process of discussing several other projects with countries around the world and for regions that show great potential for the development of geothermal energy.