Durable Gabion Box Manufacturers in India

The gabion boxes which are primarily used as retaining walls to prevent erosion, have commercial and non-commercial applications too. High-quality materials are used to build gabion cages. The wire meshes are double twisted to form hexagon shaped boxes. Natural stones are used to fill the boxes at the project sites. The strong wires used in the mesh of gabion boxes have optimal strength and are abrasion resistant. The boxes are flexible to be used in various projects related to construction and erosion control sea and river bed projects. The wire meshes can also be used in security fencing Leeds and cladding.

The gabion box manufacturer India are accommodating their products to be used for domestic and commercial projects. The domestic applications include using the cages for landscaping and vegetation. The gabion boxes manufactured in India strictly adhere to industrial norms and reach international standards. Based on the requirements of the buyer, the boxes are made available in different dimensions. The weave of the gabion boxes is of high endurance and can withstand environmental harshness. High-quality materials are used in making gabion boxes as they are used as restraining walls. The restraining walls prevent the soil or load from moving forward or washing away.

Advantages of using Gabion boxes

Strength: The retaining walls can be made of different materials but gabion boxes offer good tensile strength as they are made with wire meshes made of steel which are galvanized or PVC coated. They have adequate strength to endure forces of water and earth.

Durability: the monolithic structures formed by arranging gabion boxes and withstand the thrust of the earth. The boxes last for as long as 100 years and the efficiency of the retaining walls increases with passing time.

Elasticity: The wire mesh used in Gabion boxes are flexible to stop distortion of the structure and can stay fixed on uneven grounds without the danger of slipping or tumbling over.

Permeability: The cage structure filled with rocks of the gabion cages offer permeable front to pressures and air flows. The thickness of the boxes depends on the length of the wall structure. The higher the wall length, the gabion cages used for base should be thicker to provide stability.

Affordable: The sand and soil penetrated into gabion boxes allows the growth of vegetation and maintain ecological balance. The gabion box manufactures in India make cost-effective products to make efficient structures that last long.

The preparation to install gabion boxes is not elaborate but quite simple. The assembly of the boxes at the site is easy and does not need skilled labour. The ease of handling the boxes helps to automate the workflow and accelerate the construction speed. The installation is often done before the deadlines and completion date if machines like forklifts are used to transfer the boxes. Heavy machinery is not all required and manual labor is enough to finish the installation of gabion walls. Applications of gabion boxes include the lining of slopes, marine wall protection, and flood control.