Common Mistakes In Installing A Bath

For a bathtub, whether it is acrylic, steel, or cast iron, to serve for many years, it must be assembled appropriately. And the installation of plumbing is a matter that is best entrusted to an experienced specialist. After all, any mistake can lead to sad consequences: lost money, wasted time, and damaged nerves.

What to avoid

The most common mistakes when installing a bath include:

  • The incorrect slope of the sewer pipe. As a result, when draining, the outflow of water will be weak (it will leave very slowly or will not remove at all). Dust and foam will settle on the bath walls, and the pipes will require regular cleaning from clogging.
  • Illiterate mount. The bathtub will wobble and may collapse later because individual frames and stands are applied to each type of tank.
  • Lack of sealing or improper processing of the places of contact between the edges of the tank and the wall. In both cases, the result is the appearance of dampness and mildew.
  • Exposing the top surface of the bathtub not level. This will increase the risk of slipping.
  • Poor connection of the siphon with the sewer. When installing a siphon with corrugated pipes, the drain will quickly become clogged and difficult to clean.
  • The use of gaskets not specified by the design. In this case, leaks are formed through which water will flow.

Why is it better to call a specialist to install a bath

When installing a bathtub, at first glance, it may seem that everything is simple. However, this is a delusion. There are many details that only a master can figure out. Also, our experienced specialist’s call ensures that the plumbing work will be done correctly, and you will not need to worry about it anymore.

It is better not to install the bathtub and its connection to the water supply and sewerage system on your own, because then there will be a high probability of wrong actions that can lead to leaks or cause injury in the future. After all, even a mistake that seems forgivable and trivial can trigger the “butterfly effect.” This is why we advise you hire one of the charlotte plumbers.