Advantages of Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar is a system which converts sunlight into direct current electricity. It is one of the best ways to generate electricity and it does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2), which in turn helps in saving the environment as well as reducing pollution and global warming. There are many benefits of using Rooftop Solar. Some of them are listed below:

Rooftop Solar Is An Eco-Friendly Solution

Rooftop Solar is a clean and green energy source which does not produce any harmful gas during its generation of electricity. Rooftop solar system uses light for the production of electricity, unlike coal or other fossil fuels like petroleum products etc. Hence Rooftop solar can be considered as an eco-friendly solution to secure environment.

Rooftop Solar Brings Down Your Electricity Bills

Rooftop solar installation helps in reducing the monthly bill on your electricity because rooftop solar system produces direct current (DC) which directly goes into grid without using inverter hence saving on huge amounts of money which would have gone into buying expensive inverters. Some electrical appliances do not even need DC power and can run on AC power however Rooftop solar system produces DC power which can directly be supplied to all electrical appliances thus reducing your monthly spending on electricity.

Rooftop solar panels are designed to produce more power during afternoon and evening when the demand for electricity is very high, therefore Rooftop solar keeps the stable voltage and frequency in the premises of home or office where it is installed. Rooftop Solar provides you with highest possible returns on investment as compared to any other source of energy such as coal or petrol because Rooftop solar reduces your monthly spending on electricity and also generates free electricity which can be utilized for commercial purposes.

Rooftop Solar Saves Money

Rooftop solar helps you save a lot of money as it produces excess amount of power which can be utilized by other people who do not have rooftop solar system installed at their place. Rooftop solar can also be used to generate power backup for offices and commercial places during power cut in order to ensure uninterrupted working of the office or shop. Rooftop Solar helps you reduce your electricity bills as Rooftop solar does not require any chemicals, oil or coal for its generation of electricity which is required by thermal power plants and hence Rooftop solar can also be considered as a cost saving solution with high returns on investments.

Rooftop Solar Provides Long Term Benefits

Rooftop Solar systems are designed to last for more than 20 years, some rooftop panels come even with 25-year warranty on product and installation, therefore Rooftop solar brings you long term benefits along with environmental benefits because it reduces pollution levels in the environment, Rooftop solar system can also be used for space heating which reduces your dependency on other sources of fuel such as coal or petrol.

Rooftop Solar systems are designed in such a way that it provides maximum efficiency throughout its lifetime and makes you free from any sort of maintenance cost for more than 20 years. Rooftop solar systems are easy to install and maintain, therefore Rooftop solar can provide you with a peace of mind knowing that Rooftop solar panels would perform efficiently without any sort of wastage during the next 20 years. Rooftop Solar is simple solution to reduce pollution levels produced by thermal power plants which use huge amount of coal or petroleum products to generate electricity.

Rooftop Solar Provides Environmental Benefits

Rooftop solar helps in reducing environmental pollution caused due to generation of electricity by thermal power plants which use coal or petrol for the production of electricity, Rooftop solar systems uses light from sun and hence Rooftop Solar can be considered as environment friendly source of energy because it does not require any fossil fuel like coal or petrol. Rooftop Solar reduces your carbon footprint on earth as Rooftop solar has no negative impact on environment during its lifetime unlike thermal power plants which pollute air with harmful gases like sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxide when they burn fuels such as coal or petroleum products.

Rooftop Solar produces huge amount of clean renewable energy and helps in reducing the dependency on conventional sources of power such as thermal power plants etc. Rooftop solar panels produce no carbon emissions while generating electricity, whereas conventional means of generating electricity release huge amounts of emissions which cause global warming, Rooftop solar can be considered as a solution to reduce carbon footprint on earth. Rooftop Solar systems do not produce any harmful gases during its lifetime and thus Rooftop Solar is an ideal source of power where you have high building density along with environmental awareness.